Notes from 2/18/14 - Victory eked out

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Notes from 2/18/14 - Victory eked out

Postby Caelesti » Tue Feb 18, 2014 10:47 pm

Yoshi turned his back on a grimlock, getting struck from behind, and he closed on a mindflayer. He struck the mindflayer, stunning it.
Caelesti cast Slow on three grimlocks, affecting two.
A grimlock closed on Talon and struck her.
The mindflayers turned invisible.
A slowed grimlock struck Mongo.
Mongo picked up an axe from a dead grimlock and struck another one.
Torin cast Assay Spell Resistance on Yoshi, followed by Cure Critical Wounds.
Talon withdrew from combat with a grimlock.

Yoshi closed on the grimlock that Talon abandoned.
The lions clawed and bit at a grimlock.
A mindflayer blasted Carric, Mongo, a lion, and a grimlock.
The grimlock on Yoshi struck him with a well-placed axe.
A confused grimlock fled.
Caelesti cast Magic Missiles at the grimlock on Yoshi.
Torin cast True Seeing on Yoshi.

Yoshi lowered his Spell Resistance.
The grimlock attacked Yoshi, and missed. Yoshi tripped it while it was off-balance.
Carric's Renewal Pact kicked in, removing his Stun effect.
The mindflayers blasted the party from above, stunning the other lion.
Caelesti moved to Yoshi and cast an extended Fly on him.
Carric cast aspect of the wolf and sniffed around the room hunting for mindflayers.
Torin cast another CCW on Yoshi.
Talon sensed something invisible near her and stepped back to start an inspirational song.

Yoshi flew over to the invisible mindflayer near Talon and struck it, stunning it.
The other mindflayer landed near Talon and struck her with a tentacle.
A grimlock struck Torin.
Caelesti cast Wall of Force to block the wall exit.
Carric closed on a mindflayer.
Torin cast Command and ordered a grimlock to flee.
Talon failed to break free from the mindflayer.

Yoshi struck the mindflayer on Talon several times.
The other mindflayer struck Carric-wolf, failed to grapple him, and escaped to the far side of the room.
Caelesti cast Wall of Force to block the floor exit.
Carric cast Freedom of Movement on Talon.
Torin moved over to Yoshi and cast CMW on him.
Talon moved away.

Yoshi struck the closest mindflayer a few times.
The two mindflayers cast Plane Shift and were gone.
The party finished off the grimlocks.

The party searched the room, finding alien metal objects on the table: black egg, yellow cylinder, red cone, blue cube, and green pyramid. The slain mindflayer had: +1 magical mithril chain shirt and a +2 ring of protection.

The party collected the stuff, and Torin cast Teleport to bring the party back to the portal in the underdark.

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