Talon as ECL 15

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Talon as ECL 15

Postby Veracity » Sun Sep 28, 2014 9:04 pm

Talon will take another level of Sublime Chord. I believe that means =

-- +1 additional 6th level spell known and to cast per day
-- +1 addional 5th level spell known
-- +1 BAB
-- +1 Will Save
-- +1 to Bardic Knowledge Checks
-- + 1/2 to her # of daily uses of Bardic Music
-- +1 to her caster level DC
-- + 1d6 hp
-- + 9 skills points
-- + 3 and 1/3 feat points

She will apply her skill points thus:
Perform +1
Speak Language +1 = Dwarven (since we have a Dwarf in the party now)
Listen +1
Spot +1
Diplomacy +1
Discipher Script +1
Knowledge Arcana +1
Knowledge History +1
Astrology +1

She will apply her feat points thus:
-with a current total of 7 and 1/6 points, she will save up for a more costly feat at her next level(s) possibly Obscure Lore (for 9)

Additional 5th level spell known per Sublime Chord Level 4 =
Overland Flight p 259 Players (assuming she has no magic items which already enable her to fly, as having to be carried/flown across obstacles by others has been a drag on the party in the past)

Additional 6th level spell known per Sublime Chord Level 4 =

Note: Hindsight requires the material component of a small diamond in the shape of an hourglass and worth 1,000gp (it remains intact during/after casting the spell, it appears)

Talon has 1,994gp to work with, so she can have purchased the 1,000gp hourglass shaped diamond while on her own adventures, I believe.

That leaves her with 994gp.

Is there anything else I need to determine for Talon? Other than her current number of dozens of frosted cakes and flasks of honey mead?

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Overland Flight Spell

Postby Veracity » Mon Sep 29, 2014 5:24 pm

Just want to verify that the Overland Flight Spell does not have to be used over land, but can be used over water or chasms, etc. It says it is
like the Fly spell

What folks been doing about flying in Tarrastra of late? Does everyone already have Fly but me? [/quote]

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Postby Caelesti » Sat Nov 01, 2014 8:40 pm

I recall that Overland Flight was created for flying long distances, rather than having the shorter duration and improved maneuverability of Fly. I presume that "over land" is not a restriction.

Where needed, Caelesti has been casting Fly on people.

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revisit Talon's spells

Postby Talon » Thu Nov 20, 2014 9:09 pm

Talon's 5th and 6th level spells:

6th level spells:
1.) Analyze Dweomer
(dropping Tunnel Swallow)
2.) Find the Path

5th level spells:
1.) Ball Lightning
2.) Moonbow
3.) Reciprocal Gyre

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