Notes from 11/13/14 - Evil crashed the party

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Notes from 11/13/14 - Evil crashed the party

Postby Caelesti » Thu Nov 13, 2014 10:44 pm

The party attended the festival of Arionrhod that night. Carric slipped out early to see Siobhan's shows, and brought her back to the festival afterwards. Yoshi fell asleep.

In the middle of the festival, the Bane moon passed in front of the Bright moon, obscuring it. There was stunned silence. A cold and clammy mist began rising from the ground, stinging people's eyes. Eventually, the Bane moon passed, but the oomph had gone out of the celebration. Disappointed, Siobhan went back to her inn.

The party decided to investigate the strange occurrence that befell the Bright moon during the festival. They decided to start at a tomb with a portal to an unknown place, though the Bane moon had been mentioned as a possibility.

There was a guard at the gate to the cemetery. The party failed to convince the guard of the nobleness of their purpose, but a gold piece worked. The party passed through the gate and located the tomb. The party stopped at the portal within the tomb. Caelesti cast Detect Magic on the portal and detected conjuration magic. Carric threw a rock through the archway, but it simply went ou the other side uninterestingly. There were runes on the archway; Talon recognized the language as illithid. Torin cast Comprehend Languages and looked at the runes; they read something like "bring the right offering and step through into the presence of your mother." Talon stuck her hand through, but not interesting happened. The party decided to get a scroll of Analyze Portal .. when the stores opened.

The party returned to the inn for the evening. The next day, Mavis visited. They told her about the oddities of the moons. Mavis said perhaps her quest is related. She reminded the party of the plot to replace notables with imposters, and that this was still happening. She said that her associate was working for a knight, and the associate heard sounds of a scuffle and and a thump. Upon investigation, the knight acted as if nothing had happened, but odd enough that they believe he has been replaced. The party agreed that locating the knight was a noble goal.

The party next went to see Nessy's parents, to weigh the urgency of their request. They told of a cryptic message that they received. Where they were used to getting long letters about nothing, this time they received a small box with a short note that all was well. The box contained what looked like a piece of flesh. Talon said it looked like part of a mind flayer tentacle. With permission, the party kept the box and contents.

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