Notes from 12/4/14 - NOT the Weapons of LAW

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Notes from 12/4/14 - NOT the Weapons of LAW

Postby Caelesti » Thu Dec 04, 2014 10:57 pm

The party returned to the inn to plan. While there, some of the town guard sought out Caelesti and Talon and escorted them back to the Temple of Nuadu. The others followed.

The ladies were escorted into a back room. A paladin entered the room to question them. He asked the ladies if they'd submit to a Zone of Revelation. Both agreed, though Caelesti admitted that it might not work on her.

He first queried Talon about who sent them to entertain Sir Timothy. Talon named everyone in the party.

He then asked what spells she cast at Sir Timothy. Caelesti blurted out that it was her, and then apologized for speaking out of turn.

He then asked her what spells, and she said she cast spells at the doppleganger of Sir Timothy. She said she cast Charm Monster many times, but the doppleganger seemed to be immune. Then she tried Feeblemind before fleeing.

The paladin said that Feeblemind was an offensive spell. Caelesti replied that Charm Monster was too.

After the questioning, Talon was fined 25 gp for assaulting the servant with her clothes, and Caelesti was fined 1000 gp for casting spells at a Nobleman. Caelesti objected that it was at a doppleganger of a nobleman. The two were led away to pay. Talon paid; Caelesti refused. Talon was released; Caelesti was thrown into an Oubliette.

Talon went back to the inn to get her money. In the meantime, Caelesti escaped by summoning a Celestial Griffon to lift the grate, turning invisible, and flying out .. casting Knock as needed. She then flew back into the main entrance of the temple to find her companions. She cast Message on them and exited the building. While looking for a convenient place to turn visible without attention, she informed the others that she escaped. Carric returned to the inn with her; Yoshi and Torin stayed behind.

Talon returned to the temple to pay for Caelesti's fine, but Caelesti could not be found, and Talon refused to pay.

Torin and Yoshi then spoke with the paladin about the doppleganger. Torin managed to offend the paladin, though he deserved it for insulting Caelesti. In the end, the high priest of Nuadu would consult with the high priest of Arianrhod, and if the party was telling the truth about the doppleganger, then the fine would be refunded.

Yoshi went to the temple of Nuadu and cleared up much of issues.

The party returned to the inn to plan.

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Postby Brianna Sollandry » Thu Dec 04, 2014 10:59 pm

Talon: There is a knock on the door.
Talon: The Inn Keeper says there are some people here who want to see some of us.
Talon: Talon is performing in the common area with Siobhan.
Talon: Talon is not with her friends in the room.
Talon: The guard approach Talon during a lull and take her aside for a "talk."
Talon: The guards want to talk to us all, but especially "a performer" and "a pink Fey"
Talon: The guards want to take us to the Temple of Nuado?
Talon: We all go along.
Talon: They lead Caelesti and Talon into the complex and leave the others in a waiting room.
Talon: Yoshi asks to speak with the temple priestess.
Talon: Caelesti and Talon sit at table and Palain of Nuado comes in to tell us of a complaint.
Talon: Talon asks what the complaint is.
Talon: The Paladin asks if we will submit to a Zone of Truth.
Talon: It is mind-effecting.
Talon rolls Skills: Bluff +26 +2 males: (d20+26) : [20 + 26] = 46
Yoshi rolls Sk:Sense Motive: (d20+15+7+3+5) : [4 + 15 + 7 + 3 + 5] = 34
Talon: Paladin fines Talon and Caelesti 25gp for assaulting servants and fines Caelesti 1,000gp for casting offensive spells on a nobleman.
Talon: correction - fines Talon 25gp and Caelesti 1,000gp.
Talon: the Paladin, if indeed he is one, will not let Talon file a complaint of molestation against the pevert nobleman.
Talon: the Paladin, if indeed he is one, will not let Caelesti file a complaint that a douple-ganger has taken the place of a nobleman of the town.
Talon: Talon pays her fine of 25gp.
Talon: Caelesti does not have 1,000gp and so is thrown into a pit and a heavy grate put over it.
Talon: Talon is escorted out another door.
Talon: Caelesti flies up to the grate and tries to budge it.
Talon: Caelesti casts greater invis extended and uses anklet of translocation to go through bars and fails.
Talon: However she does manage to turn invis and fly okay.
Talon: She cast knock on the grate.
Talon: It does not unlock.
Talon: Caelesti tries to summon a Celecstial Griffin on the other side of the grate.
Talon: Caelesti asks the Griffin to lift the grate for her.
Talon: The griffin does his best.
Talon: He lifts the grate successfully.
Talon: Caelesti flies out, still in greater invis, and escapes, dimissing the griffin as she does so.
Talon: The Paladin hinted that Talon was foolish in telling the Knight (a well known philanterer) that she was sent as a gift to entertain him. Talon successfully bluffs, but actually she does not need to bluff, as she genuinely had no idea that he was a philanderer.
Talon: So her statements will pass the Zone of Truth. Therefore, she should NOT be put on a list of "ladies who sell their personal services."
Talon: Caelest, meanwhile, makes her way out the jail. She knocks locked doors open and leaves them ajar so she can go back and forth to find a way out.
Talon: She finds a window that is not locked and flies out that way.
Talon: Talon has meanwhile gone back to the Inn to get 1,000gp to pay to have Caelesti released.
Talon: Caelesti, still greater invis goes in the entrace and looks for her friends. She finds them in the waiting room. Carric is trying to get in to talk to the officials.
Talon: Yoshi is waiting patiently for justice.
Caelesti rolls Spell Penetration: (d20+12) : [12 + 12] = 24
Talon: Caelesti casts message on most of her companions (all she succeeds on again SR) and then flies out of the temple.
Talon: Talon goes back to the Temple with the 1000gp and asks to see the Priestess of Temple or Paladin directly.
Talon: Talon says she will pay the 1,000gp for Caelesti's release as soon as Caelesti is brought out.
Talon: The Paladin sends someone out and when they return they ask if Caelesti knows any invisibility spells. Talon admits Caelesti does.
Talon: The Paladin says they can't see Caelesti in the cell, but the grate is in place. They say they will flood the cell and see if anyone is still there.
Talon: The jailer guy comes back and reports that Caelesti has escaped. The Paladin is not happy. He tells Talon that Caelesti must come back and pay her original fine plus more for new new crimes.
Talon: Otherwise, Caelesti will be captured.
Talon: The Paladin says Caelesti's friends are all under suspicion now.
Talon: Talon sighs and asks if she must wait in the waiting room.
Talon: The Paladin says Talon is free to go.
Talon: Talon leaves, with her 1,000gp.
Talon: Only Yoshi is still sitting in the waiting room.
Talon: Everyone else headed Caelesti's message and left to go back to the Inn, passing Taloin on a different road.
Talon: Yoshi tells Torin to come back, not leave in the first place.
Talon: Carric and Mongo went back to the Inn.
Talon: Apparently Torin and Yoshi stayed in the waiting room.
Talon: Talon has left for the second time.
Talon: She goes to the temple that Yoshi brought us to originally, for advice and assistance.
Talon: Guard goes the waiting room. Says thier chief Paladin is available if they wish to talk to him.
Talon: Yoshi bows in his monkly fashion.
Talon: The Guard notes Yoshi Clericness, as does the Chief Paladin.
Talon: Torin goes in with Yoshi to speak to The Chief Paladin.
Talon: Torin speaks of the douple-ganger who is attempting to displace the temple, per the signs in the sky.
Talon: Torin says his god told him what is what and will take vengeance on the Chief Paladin if the Paladin does not believe.
Talon: Torin speaks of actually communing as an actual priest and learning of mind flayers in the city.
Talon: The Chief Paladin is intrigued, but also perplexed.
Talon: Torin is very arrogant about his superior faith and priestly abilities.
Talon: The Chief Paladin is offended.
Talon: Yoshi says there is much trouble in Rowanesmead and he and his friends are just trying to help.
Talon: Yoshi says he is seeking the assistance of the Chief Paladin.
Talon: He says he does not want to tip off the town's enemies.
Talon: Yoshi says he is aware that "the duplicitious one" <Caelesti> has escaped and invites the Paladin to use that to our advantage in investigating the douple-ganger knight.
Talon: Torin shows off again.
Talon: Correction: both Caelesti and Talon were blithering idiots.
Talon: per the Paladin
Talon: Torin incites the Chief Paladin with a battle of faith and powers.
Talon: Yoshi encourages Torin to see reason as we need the assistance of the Chief Paladin.
Talon: Caelesti swaps out her circlet of persuasion with her hat of disguise.
Talon: The Chief Paladin says he will convey their report to their high priestess with recommendation to consult Yoshi's high priestess.
Talon: The Chief Paladin requests Yoshi and Torin to pay Caelesti's fine and claims it will be refuned if Yoshi's allegations are confirmed as well founded.
Talon: Yoshi does not want the temple to tip off the Fake Knight that Caelesti's escape anything other than it appears.
Talon: Torin casts True Seeing. 250gp?
Talon: He looks at the Chief Paladin and sees he is human. Torin looks around at others in the area.
Talon: All are human.
Talon: Torin suggests the Chief Paladin "invite" the dubious knight here so he can be seen under True Seeing.
Talon: The Chief Paladin speaks of a wild man on a soap box who raved that aliens are here and among us and compares his ravings to Caelesti's.
Talon: Yoshi says the wild man is right and asks how to meet him.
Talon: The Chief Paladin says he has not been seen around since then.
Talon: The Chief Paladin talks down to Torin and Torin talks down to the Chief Paladin. They get into a faith war.
Talon: again!
Talon: Yoshi quietly leaves and finally Torin follows.
Brutal DM: Arianrhod
Talon: Arianrood temple is where Talon is asking for advicd
Talon: Arianrhod.
Talon: The very temple that the Chief Paladin is sending his Priestess to in order to talk to their Priestess.
Talon: Yoshi and Torin are not allowed to leave yet as they have not paid Caelesti's fine.
Talon: Neither of them have any gp.
Talon: Yoshi sends Torin to get Carric to pay Caelesti's fine.
Talon: Torin goes to the Inn.
Talon: After Torin leaves Yoshi turns beat red and looks at the floor.
Talon: The CP says, "brother, would you like a peaceful place to rest?"
Talon: Yoshi nods and is sent to a peaceful, but secure, room in which to meditate.
Talon: Torin finds Carric at the Inn and complains about the corruptness of the local establishment.
Talon: Carric says we don't have enough to pay.
Talon: Torin says that good because it gives us more opportunities to hassel the pompous Paladin and overthrow the city.
Talon: Carric says there is no decision to make as we don't have the gp.
Talon: Torin says that Paladins are impotent at any real contact with their diety.
Talon: Carric advises Caelesti to stay at the Inn and in disguise.
Talon: Caelesti says wild horses could not drag her back to the temple of justice anyway.
Brutal DM: malkuth
Talon: Carric suggests Yoshi give the Paladin and honest IOU.
Talon: Talon tells her mangled tale to the Priestess of Arinrhod. The Priestess gets a message and says she has been invited to the temple of Nuado. She invites Talon to go with her. Talon agrees, though with trepedation.
Talon: The Prestess of A asks after Yoshi and Talon is sent into the peaceful room to see Yoshi.
Talon: Yoshi says it is true that Caelesti has escaped.
Talon: Talon is appaled at how much the party will be charged now in fines.
Talon: Yoshi says he is working to clear all that up.
Talon: Talon says he appears to just be meditating.
Talon: Yoshi advises Talon to meditate too "as the universe works in mysterious ways."
Talon: Talon sits and fidgets.
Talon: The priestesses meeting and one of them does a commune.
Talon: the priest and prestess meet
Talon: the high priest of Nuado is a man - oh my!
Talon: The Chief Paladin knocks on our door and says the priest and priestess have spoken and would like to meet with us.
Talon: The Chief Paladin is surprise Talon has returned.
Talon: Yoshi asks Talon to remain in the peaceful room.
Talon: Talon asks for refreshments.
Talon: Yoshi begs for such and the Chief Paladin brings a plate of food that is not as bad as the DM claims.
Talon: The bread is coarse and the beer is weak. But Talon has been working up an appetite rushing to and fro and explaining things. So she makes the best of it.
Talon: The priestess and priest has communed and discovered that is is indeed a plot.
Talon: Yoshi says this is part of our investigation of the Bane Moon. That Torin learned it was related when he spoke with Airianrhod.
Talon: Yoshi reveals that he had planned to kidnap the imposter knight.
Talon: The Paladin wants to bring in the imposter and question him.
Talon: Yoshi says he doesn't want to tip off the mind flayers.
Talon: the Priest's diety in commune said there are several noblemen being impersonnated in this city by douple-gangers.
Talon: Yoshi says Nessey was a douple-ganger at one time.
Talon: Or visa-versa. And it was by a suprisingly honorable douple-ganger.
Talon: The priestess says Yoshi's story and that of his companions has proven correct.
Talon: Yoshi suggests we pretend Caelesti is still a fugitive.
Talon: The Chief Paladin suggests that Caelesti may abuse other non-douple-gangers with her offensive spells.
Talon: Yoshi says he will try to prevent that and has a better conceived plan now, which he won't reveal.
Talon: The powers that be here say we may continue to investigate and find the real pevert Sir Timothy.
Talon: The priestess says young Talon may have some powers of special persuasion for the real Sir Timothy.
Talon: They speak of keeping list of women like Talon, who's trade is legal in this town, but will be watched.
Talon: Voyeristic town, eh?
Talon: Yoshi gets a commitment that the priest, priestess and Paladin will not do anything to alert the duplicates and their cronies.
Talon: The Cheif Paladin says he will go speak with Talon.
Talon: The CP tells Talon all is well.
Talon: And returns her 25gp. Talon is gracious.
Talon: The Chief Paladin wants Talon to sign a register though.
Brutal DM: It is the register of "working women" of Rowansmeade
Talon: It is a register of town prostitutes.
Talon: Talon demands a Zone of Truth.
Talon: Talon refuses to sign.
Talon: The Chief still returns the 25gp. Then he writes Talon's name in book of unregistered city prostitutes.
Talon: Talon gives the Paladin and mean and indignant look.
Talon: Talon leaves with her nose in the air.
Talon: Yoshi wants to do more planning when we get back to the Inn.
Talon: Talon is in an uncooperative mood.
Talon: Yoshi is releived that the officials were not tipped off that Mavis, a douple-ganger and head of theives guild sent us on this mission in the first place.
Talon: Talon wants nothing to do with find the philanderer - real or fake.
Talon: Yoshi wants to go in to the fake's home in the middle of the night and kidnap him.
Talon: Caelesti says if we are all invisible we can wait for him in his bedroom and then nab him, being careful not to throw our clothes at anyone.
Talon: Talon suggests a Listening Coin instead to hear what he might be up to.
Talon: Torin wants to do a Locate Object on any jewelry the fake knight might wear.
Talon: Talon refused to participate in the kidnapping party.
Torin: Plan is to Augury if sneak attack will go without notice
Torin: Then discern location if yes

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