Notes from 1/15/15 - Following the leader

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Notes from 1/15/15 - Following the leader

Postby Caelesti » Thu Jan 15, 2015 10:54 pm

After questioning the faux butler and learning little, he was to be turned over to Mavis for more questioning. On the way there, Caelesti used Alter Self to appear as a street urchin. She then proceeded alone to the Thieves' Guild to see Mavis. Mavis was interested and gave Caelesti an address to take him to. The party met Mavis at the house. Mavis was in disguise too. The party left the faux butler with Mavis, and agreed to meet up later at the inn.

At the inn, Mavis reported that the Cult of Cerridwen was behind the doppleganger infiltration, but added that there was only a handful involved. She said that another was in a Potion Shop in town.

With a Messge spell on the party, Carric entered the Potion Shop to meet the faux shop owner. After feeling his liver quiver a few times, Carric left the shop. He then flew to a natural pool to attempt to scry the owner, but it failed. Plan B was to turn invisible, turn into an a rat, and follow him on foot .. through the sewers.

Carric followed the shop owner for close to a mile. He shop owner knocked on a door, and entered a room; Carric followed. The doppleganger met with the illithid. The shop owner reported that he has not heard from Sir Timothy or Duane for a while. They agreed that that was bad, and that others should be contacted. The doppleganger left, and Carric stayed behind with the illithid.

The illithid eventually pulled out a mirror and a lock of hair and cast a spell to scry someone. Carric peeked into the mirror and saw a camp and campfire like he saw the previous night. The mirror was wiped clean and the butler appeared in a cell. He cast a different spell and a woman appeared in the mirror. Carric recognized the woman as a priest of Arianrhod. Through a Message spell, the illithid reported to her that others were discovered and that she should be careful. Finally, after several more hours, he pulled back a curtain, touched a large mirror, and disappeared.

To find out where he was underground, relative to surface landmarks, Carric summoned a Xorn to travel to the surface and report back to him. The Xorn helped him get through a locked door.

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Postby Brianna Sollandry » Thu Jan 15, 2015 11:00 pm

Talon: Mead.
Talon: Pink Frosted Cakes.
Talon: Mushroom Wine.
Talon: Canape's
Talon: Popped corn
Talon: Fluffy cushions
Talon: Matching Hats
Talon: Silver slippers
Talon: Dangly earings
Talon: Silk padded sleeping bag
Talon: Toto the Mule
Talon: silk gloves
Devious DM: stuffed dragon toy
Talon: new silver performance outfit
Talon: yes, yes, stuffed dragon toy and poofy cloud shaped pillow
Talon: Superior Hammock
Talon: sliver vanity set (comb, brush, hand mirror)
Talon: Talon is packing for a trip.
Talon: The others are interrogating the "fake" butler.
Talon: Hmmmm, should name this new mule Toto after the other was eaten...?
Talon: Perhaps better to call him Loki
Talon: or Pinki
Talon: or Sir George
Talon rolls Skills: Intimidate +14 +2 males: (d20+14) : [9 + 14] = 23
Devious DM rolls d20+12+9: (d20+12+9) : [3 + 12 + 9] = 24
Devious DM rolls d20+12+9: (d20+12+9) : [15 + 12 + 9] = 36
Caelesti rolls Skill (Intimidate): (d20+9+5) : [5 + 9 + 5] = 19
Talon: Talon huffs off to go back to packing since her intimidate didn't work.
Talon: Fake Butler, FB, tries to intimidate us. He orders us to untie him.
Talon: Caelesti takes out her dagger and stabs at the ropes that bind the Butler - missing the ropes.
Talon: Torin expects the expected.
Talon: He will give the Fake Butler over to the Pompous Paladin if he must.
Talon: They take the Fake Butler to Mavis for futther interrogation.
Talon: Yoshi leaves the Fake Butler with a couple thugs.
Talon: He asks them to retie the Fake Butler.
Talon: More interrogation and then party discussion takes place.
Talon: can people hear me?
Talon: guess not
Carric rolls Save/Will: (d20+18) : [14 + 18] = 32
Carric rolls Save/Will: (d20+18) : [17 + 18] = 35
Carric rolls Save/Will: (d20+18) : [8 + 18] = 26
Carric rolls Save/Will: (d20+18) : [4 + 18] = 22
Devious DM rolls d20+15: (d20+15) : [11 + 15] = 26
Carric rolls Skill - Spellcraft: (d20+20) : [3 + 20] = 23
Carric rolls Skill - Perception: (d20+26) : [1 + 26] = 27
Carric rolls Stat - INT: (d20+2) : [7 + 2] = 9

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