Notes from 2/26/15 - Slipped through their fingers

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Notes from 2/26/15 - Slipped through their fingers

Postby Caelesti » Thu Feb 26, 2015 11:11 pm

The party decided to wait at the castle, since the King let them and offered a feast in their honor. After days of enjoying, and wearing out, their welcome, they left to find Nessey. Torin cast Discern Location and discovered that Nessey had returned to her parents' house in Rowensmeade. The party teleported to house and knocked on the door. The butler let them in, and they waited. Nessey's mom later appeared with a note from Nessey, as Nessey had already disappeared. Nessey's mom read the note, and all were asleep by page 20.

The note included:
- a story about Nessey and her new friends battling a creature with tentacles, a reminder that she had sent a piece of the tentacle, and a query about what kind of creature it might have been.
- a story about being harassed by someone looking for chess pieces, that she assumed the party had.
- a foresight of the party questing below the cheese shop.

Per the chess pieces, Talon said that she and Brianna had found small figurines somewhere, and that Brianna had them. She sent a message to Brianna about them, and Brianna said she would bring them in a few days.

The party then teleported to the cellar of the cheese shop. They then traveled through the sewers to the illithid's door. Caelesti cast an extended Fly on route, and there was a small amount of planning once there.

The party moved into position. Caelesti cast Knock on the door. Carric opened the door.

Carric cast Kelp Strand on the illithid, but it wriggled free.
The illithid mindblasted the party, but failed to affect anyone.
Yoshi rushed into the room.
Talon started to sing an inspiring song.
Torin cast Dimensional Anchor on it, but it failed.
Caelesti moved into the room.

Carric moved into the room and cast another Kelp Strand on the illithid, entangling it.
Mongo closed on the illithid and struck it.
The illithid cast a spell and disappeared. Carric said it was a Dimension Door spell.

The party searched the room and took its transportation and scrying mirrors. Caelesti cast Detect Magic, but discovered none in the room that the party wasn't carrying. The party went up the stairs. Caelesti cast Knock to get beyond a Wizard Locked door, and the party entered a book store. The illithid was not there.

The party raced to the potion shop in case the illithid popped in there. Yoshi ran ahead invisibly to scout it out; the shop was closed, but someone seemed to be home upstairs. Caelesti had to cast Knock to break into the store. All entered, and Yoshi snuck up the stairs; the illithid was not there. The potion maker HAD been a doppleganger, so Yoshi attempted to knock him out with a blow to the head. The potion maker started yelling out the window for guards. Torin cast Silence .. the party no longer heard yelling.

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Postby Brianna Sollandry » Thu Feb 26, 2015 11:14 pm

Talon: Nessey's mother says Nessey asked if the party could identify the tentacle bits in the box as it is left over from a strange creature she and her friends had to battle. Nessey did not have a week to explain, sadly, so had to run/poof. She would like you to stick around Rowansmeade a while and protect her parents from harm. She is concerned as she and her friends are being pestered by Gamesmen seeking Chess Pieces.
Talon: And Nessy had a vision of the party finding something special in, under, or around a Cheese Shop.
Talon: Nessey's associates are rumored to have the Chess Pieces so Nessey warns you to be on your guard.
Talon: "Nessey's associates - the Outlanders"
Talon: Talon recalls travels with Brianna and find some interesting artifacts in shape of small figurines. She believes Brianna has them still.
Talon: Sending: Have you learned anything about figurines we found in cottage in Land of True Game? Would like to meet up with you soon. Kisses. T
Inscrutable DM: Brianna replies: Have been otherwise engaged. If you have leaned something, I can give them to you to continue investigating. Where are you? Hugs, kisses. B
Talon: Rowansmeade.
Inscrutable DM: Need to fetch them from my quarters in the Unseelie Court. Will come by Rowansmeade, by and by. Looking forward to seeing you.
Talon: Hugs and Kisses and Hugs and Kisses -T
Inscrutable DM: Will take a few days. I can hardly wait. 'til then.
Talon tells you: please plant a clue under the cheese shop like a footprint :-)
Talon: We teleport into the cellar of the Cheese Shop
Talon: We go to the door that leads into the tunnel that runs under the shops.
Yoshi rolls Sk:Perception: (d20+15+7+3) : [6 + 15 + 7 + 3] = 31
Yoshi rolls Sk:Perception: (d20+15+7+3) : [7 + 15 + 7 + 3] = 32
Carric rolls Skill - Perception: (d20+26) : [15 + 26] = 41
Talon: We go up under MindFlayer's shop. Hear breathing from our side of door.
Talon: Can Caelesti Knock the door so we can rush in?
Talon: Caelesti Knocks the door. Carric flings the door open and ducks away - revealing Torin and Yoshi and Mongo and Caelesti to the MindFlayer.
Yoshi rolls Initiative: (d20+4+2) : [6 + 4 + 2] = 12
Mongo rolls Initiative: (d20+5) : [13 + 5] = 18
Talon rolls Initiative +2: (d20+2) : [7 + 2] = 9
Caelesti rolls Initiative: (d20+5) : [4 + 5] = 9
Talo rolls init: (d20) : [5] = 5
Carric rolls Initiative: (d20+2) : [20 + 2] = 22
Inscrutable DM rolls d20+8: (d20+8) : [4 + 8] = 12
Inscrutable DM rolls d20+13: (d20+13) : [12 + 13] = 25
Carric rolls Ranged Touch Att: (d20+13) : [20 + 13] = 33
Carric rolls Kelpstrand grapple chk: (d20+15+6) : [4 + 15 + 6] = 25
Inscrutable DM rolls d20+10: (d20+10) : [20 + 10] = 30
Caelesti rolls Save (Will): (d20+12) : [13 + 12] = 25
Torin rolls Will: (d20+16) : [7 + 16] = 23
Carric rolls Save/Will: (d20+18) : [18 + 18] = 36
Yoshi rolls Sv:Will: (d20+9+7+4) : [16 + 9 + 7 + 4] = 36
Talon: Carric fails to grapple MindFlayer Bruce with a spell. Bruce mind blasts a cone that encompasses all but Talon.
Talon: But the party is not stunned.
Talon: nor suprised, nor a little amazed
Yoshi rolls Atk:Unarmed Flurry 1/2/3: (d20+11+2+1) : [2 + 11 + 2 + 1] = 16
Torin rolls touch att: (d20+12+4) : [14 + 12 + 4] = 30
Talon: Carric runs over and waits next to Bruice, readies a flurry of blows
Talon: Talon does an Inspirational Boost and sings to inspire her friends to guard their brains and use their brawn...
Torin rolls spell pen: (d20+15) : [18 + 15] = 33
Talon: Bruce exhibits strong spell resistence
Carric rolls Ranged Touch Att: (d20+13) : [4 + 13] = 17
Carric rolls Kelpstrand grapple chk: (d20+15+6) : [18 + 15 + 6] = 39
Inscrutable DM rolls d20+10: (d20+10) : [11 + 10] = 21
Mongo rolls long sword 1st: (d20+27) : [12 + 27] = 39
Mongo rolls longsword dmg: (d8+14+d6) : [8 + 14 + 6] = 28
Caelesti rolls Skill (Spellcraft): (d20+6) : [4 + 6] = 10
Carric rolls Skill - Spellcraft: (d20+20) : [12 + 20] = 32
Talon: After finding a book shop upstairs behind a secret door, we go back through the tunnels to the Potion Shop where Caelesti hopes the MindFlayer DDed
Talon: Yoshi scouts ahead, invisibly.
Talon: It is dark downstairs in the potion shop, but there are flicking candles upstairs, Yoshi says.
Talon: Ahhh, we come upon the Potion Shop from the street. Hours are posted and the shop is closed at this hour.
Talon: The door is locked.
Talon: Knock spell.
Talon: Carric opens.
Talon: Yoshi looks the other way.
Yoshi rolls Sk:Stealth: (d20+15+2+3) : [12 + 15 + 2 + 3] = 32
Talon: Yoshi moves inside, stealthily.
Talon: We got silver mirror worth 1,000gp and also pocked the portal mirror.
Talon: pocketed
Talon: in portable hole
Talon: We go upstairs, stealthily.
Talon: We see a man, working at a table.
Talon: Yoshi stands there - lurking.
Inscrutable DM rolls d20+18: (d20+18) : [13 + 18] = 31
Carric rolls d20+17: (d20+17) : [10 + 17] = 27
Inscrutable DM rolls d20+18: (d20+18) : [4 + 18] = 22
Carric rolls d20+17: (d20+17) : [4 + 17] = 21
Inscrutable DM rolls d20+18: (d20+18) : [6 + 18] = 24
Yoshi rolls Atk:Unarmed Flurry 1/2/3: (d20+11+2+1) : [18 + 11 + 2 + 1] = 32
Yoshi rolls Dmg:Unarmed: (2d10+2) : [9 + 10 + 2] = 21
Inscrutable DM rolls d20+11: (d20+11) : [19 + 11] = 30
Talon: When Potion guys shots for guards, Talon hears and steps outside near the building but not inside it.
Talon: shouts for guards - having been punched by Yoshi who then went visible...
Talon: Talon then casts invisibility on herself.
Talon: Torin cast Silence and the man is just opening and closing his mouth.

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