Notes from 8/20/15 - Up the beanstalk

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Notes from 8/20/15 - Up the beanstalk

Postby Caelesti » Thu Aug 20, 2015 9:42 pm

Torin cast Find the Path to locate the closest cloud castle. Torin then cast Wind Walk so that the party could travel quickly toward it. As the party approached, they could see the cloud attached to the earth by a large bean stalk. The party landed on the ground to ask how long the clould castle had been there.

The party approached a hovel near the beanstalk and knocked. The lady that lived there said that the cloud appeared a few days ago, and that the beanstalk was there in the morning. The lady could not find her son and was worried. The party agreed to look for him.

Carric cast Mass Resist Electricity on the party, and the party Wind Walked to the top of the beanstalk. The boy hadn't gotten very far before getting knocked unconscious by lightning. A Cure Light was cast on him, bringing him around. The party convinced him to climb back down before the lightning killed him, and after paying him enough to cover for his mistake of selling his cow for beans.

Caelesti cast Invisibility and Fly [extended] on most of the party. They then scouted out the area. Looking out the window of a tall tower, Talon recognized a gynosphinx. She said they weren't evil.

Carric turned visible to speak to the gynosphinx without offending her. The sphinx cast See Invisibility to spot the rest of the party. She then asked if Carric was there for knowledge, and said he had to answer a question before she would. She gave Carric a riddle, and Talon answered it. Talon asked if the sphinx was a prisoner. She said she could fly away whenever she wanted. Mongo answered the next riddle and asked if stolen silver dragon eggs lied within this castle. The sphinx said she didn't know. Mongo answered the next riddle and asked how many cloud giants were in the castle. The response was scores. Torin answered a question and asked why she was in the castle. She said she was just a passenger.

The party moved on. They entered a tower through the window and worked their way to the bottom without an encounter. The door at the bottom was locked. Caelesti cast Knock on it. The door opened to a storeroom. While the party looked around, a giant cook appeared and gathered some stuff.

The party wanted to listen in on the giants to see what they could learn. Talon said that she had a listening coin to help with that. Yoshi snuck the coin into the dining hall and returned. The party moved into an unoccupied room listen in on the giants.

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Postby Brianna Sollandry » Thu Aug 20, 2015 9:43 pm

Talon: We land outside the villiage where the cloud is tethered (by a bean stalk)
Talon: Talon suggested we ask the villiagers how long the cloud has been tethered there.
Talon: We notice no cow in the first field
Talon: nor a young boy
Talon: We knock on the door of the hovel
Talon: Carric speaks of a castle in the cloud
Talon: How long has bean stalk been here?
Talon: Was here when dad got up that morning and he can't find his son
Talon: He is 10 years old
Talon: Or Mom talking...
Talon: not sure
Talon: Says boy sold their cow
Talon: Peasants all look alike, male or female, all the same
Talon: Couple days ago, cloud came and stayed
Talon: Boy's name is Jack
Talon: Boy sold cow for bag of beans
Talon: Mom threw them out the window
Talon: Guy in market with floppy hat is to blame
Talon: one brown eye and one blue eye
Talon: Talon gives peasant woman a shot of meade and a pink frosted cake to sweeten her up
Talon: Calesti taunts the woman with promises of 10gp per magic bean, but none can be found
Talon: Apparently the magic beans grew into the stalk
Talon: Carric wants to mass resist energy on us all
Talon: We go to the tavern
Talon: Barkeeper is eager to sell to us rich strangers
Talon: Discovering the man has no meade, Talon requests a cup of herbal tea
Talon: Man tells Talon to get see Phiia on other side of town.
Talon: Talon is about to leave, but Carric calls her back
Talon: Talon sees statue of white pig at herbalist's window
Talon: We decide to fly up along the bean stalk
Talon: we find a small boy lying at the top of the stalk in the cloud, weak from being struck by lightning
Talon: Cure Light on boy
Talon: Boy then hatches plans with us
Talon: Boy suggests we sneak in and steal from the Giants - because they are too big to notice small valuables
Talon: Carric says to leave this to the professional Giant Robbers
Talon: Boy says he heard of heroes who rob from the Big and give to the Small
Talon: boy says he can't go home until he finds something worth a cow
Talon: Carric demands to know the value of a cow because after all, though it is big it is not a horse
Talon: nor an ox
Talon: boy demands 50gp to replace his cow
Talon: Carric pays it
Talon: Boy throws in an axe because he can't otherwise trust himself not to climb back up
Talon: Jack climbs back down the stalk
Talon: Hear woman screaming at kid below and know he made it.
Talon: Cloud and castle are crackling with lightning
Talon: All have resistance 30
Talon: 30 per strike
Talon: Should we travel in cloud form - wind walk?
Talon: asks Caelesti
Talon: or do we want to be invisible?
Talon: she asks
Talon: we decide to continue to wind walk
Talon: (in vaporous form)
Talon: Carric wants us to be invisible once we land and become corporeal again
Talon: Yoshi has an invisble ring
Talon: Caelesti needs to cast fly on us too
Talon: Carric can fly as an eagle or owl or sparrow
Talon: Caelesti needs to cast 5 flys, extended
Talon: and 5 invisible
Talon: We fly to the top of the castle to the top pinacle
Talon: to grab the flag... or not
Talon: pennant
Talon: Heraldic symbols on the pennants
Talon rolls Skills: Know Nobility +11: (d20+11) : [4 + 11] = 15
Talon: We do not recognise these
Talon: Siobhan is back with Auntie Silver Dragon
Talon rolls Skills: Know Arcana +19: (d20+19) : [20 + 19] = 39
Talon: We see a non-human face in a window
Talon: Talon identifies as a sphinx
Talon: Non-evil
Talon: It is looking out one of the tower windows
Talon: gyno-sphinx
Talon: woman
Talon: female genetalia sphinx
Talon: Yoshi asks who is the most charismatic males among us
Talon: We look into the room more. See a door in the room which probably leads into the interior
Talon: Carric, as eagle, lands on the ledge
Talon: He looks at the Large Magical Beast
Talon: He become visible
Talon: He raises his talon and waves
Talon: Her brow furrows.
Carric rolls Skill - Spellcraft: (d20+20) : [17 + 20] = 37
Caelesti rolls Skill (Spellcraft): (d20+6) : [18 + 6] = 24
Talon: She casts a spell.
Talon: Spell is see invisibility.
Talon: She looks at all the rest of his companions.
Talon: She says she knew it.
Talon: Carric flies into her room and turns into himself.
Talon: He introduces himself.
Talon: She asks if he came seeking answers.
Talon: He asks if she is a prisioner here?
Talon: She wants to ask him a question first.
Sleeping DM: "Tommorrow I will never see, though I have no wings I fly free. Of what I dream no one can know, I am but a container for a rainbow. . .what am I?
Talon: She asks Talon what she would ask.
Talon: Talon says she would ask if she can help her?
Talon: Sphinx says that's too open eneded?
Talon: ended
Talon: Talon asks if stolen silver dragon eggs lie within this castle?
Talon: Sphinx says there is a dragon in this castle, but it is not silver.
Talon: Per Talon's question, though...
Talon: Sphinx says she needs no help, could fly through this window at any time.
Talon: Dragon egg question not answered yet or someone else may need to ask...
Talon: Talon may have only gotten 1 question.
Talon: She needs to give us another riddle.
Sleeping DM: Until I am measured I am not known, Yet how you miss me When I have flown.
Talon: (Talon guessed clouds; Mongo guessed time.)
Talon: Sphinx answers Mongo, "I don't know."
Sleeping DM: Who makes it, has no need of it. Who buys it, has no use for it. Who uses it can neither see nor feel it.
Talon: She says if we linger...
Talon: Coffin
Talon: answers the dwarf
Sleeping DM: Pregnant every time you see her, yet she never will give birth.
Talon: She looks at Torin and gives him an easy question...
Talon: How many clouds giants are in the castle?
Talon: Scores!
Talon: Full Moon says priest
Talon: And is right
Talon: Torin asks her why she is in this castle?
Talon: She says she is traveling to a different spot. (She is a passenger.)
Talon: She says she is traveling to a different spot. (She is a passenger.)
Talon: Carric sees fire giant guards in the towers
Talon: Carric is a visible eagle again
Talon: Carric flies to top of castle and sees the place is roofed over. No obviious entrance from above.
Talon: We look for other open windows, without guards
Talon: Carric looks for pigeons
Talon: He tries to avoid the lightning as he flies
Talon: We spy an unoccupied chamber with an open window in one of the towers
Talon: We all fly in
Talon: Carric flies in last after guards are bored watching him
Talon: The door is closed.
Talon: Let us listen at the door.
Talon: And observe this chamber
Talon: Furnishings suitable for someone 18 feet tall.
Talon: Dusty coverings; unused, spare
Yoshi rolls Sk:Perception: (d20+15+7+3+4) : [20 + 15 + 7 + 3 + 4] = 49
Talon: Yoshi listens
Talon: He hears some muttering from up above his head on other side of door
Talon: more than 18 feet higher
Talon: There might be a staircase that goes up and might be hearing guard
Talon: Door hangle is 9 feet up off floor
Talon: Heavy ring
Talon: Carric asks to be invisible again
Talon: Caelesti casts on Carric
Talon: Door does not appear to be locked
Talon: Yoshi opens the door
Talon: Opens to a spiral staircase
Talon: We go down, and down
Talon: Reach bottom of stairs
Yoshi rolls Sk:Perception: (d20+15+7+3+4) : [4 + 15 + 7 + 3 + 4] = 33
Talon: Floor looks like cloud, but feels like standing on stone. Yoshi listens at door.
Talon: Hears nothing.
Talon: This door is locked.
Talon: Caelesti has knock spell.
Talon: The door opens.
Talon: Large room with 30ft ceilings. Stacked with barrels and piles of boxes and gigantic onioins hanging from ropes from ceiling
Talon: Large veggies in general
Talon: We located a food storage room
Talon: There are other doors
Talon: Door at other end of room opens. Giant cook comes through with giant cooking tools
Talon: Chops off meat from haunch hanging
Talon: Collect veggies and put in bowl and carries away and closes door
Talon: Talon mentions her Listening Coin
Talon: Who is most stealthy among us?
Talon: Talon rubs two copper pieces together and casts the spell. Yoshi takes the receiver coin to plant in the dining room.
Talon: Yoshi will plant the transmitting coin! Talon keep the receiver coin.
Talon: Talon knows Giant language
Talon: Roaring health in kitchen
Talon: There are 3 exits total
Yoshi rolls Sk:Stealth: (d20+15+2+3) : [15 + 15 + 2 + 3] = 35
Talon: Yoshi goes to far wall door
Talon: he listens and looks behind him
Talon: the door is ajar
Talon: he sees a hall and stairs going up
Talon: Yoshi goes up the stairs
Talon: Opens to a great hall with 60ft arching ceiling and is lit with torches
Talon: No obvious windows
Talon: large table on dias at one end
Talon: Giant milling around
Talon: It is the great hall
Talon: Yoshi looks for a place behind a curtain
Talon: Yoshi thinks of putting the coin by a curtain
Talon: Goes to a section that is not a passage
Talon: Tries to find a ledge
Talon: Finds a ledge
Talon: on wall
Talon: near chief's table
Talon: Yoshi returns, quiety
Talon: He rejoins us
Talon: We go back to staircase area and look for other rooms/doors
Talon: along the staircase
Talon: We go up 1 level and find a door that goes to interior of castle
Yoshi rolls Sk:Perception: (d20+15+7+3+4) : [13 + 15 + 7 + 3 + 4] = 42
Talon: He hears voices and laughter and rattle of something bouncing on a table
Talon: Giant dice
Yoshi rolls Sk:Perception: (d20+15+7+3+4) : [14 + 15 + 7 + 3 + 4] = 43
Talon: Listen at another door and hear nothing, but it is locked.
Talon: Yoshi nudges Caelesti
Talon: There is a hall
Talon: We meander down the hall.
Talon: We see more doors.
Talon: Yoshi listens at each in turn.
Talon: Most are not occupied, but sometimes Yoshi hears snoring.
Talon: They appear to be bedrooms.
Talon: They are not dusty and unused.
Talon: We realize it is a dorm and go to end without opening all doors.
Talon: We find another staircase at end of hall
Talon: We go up.
Talon: Find more doors.
Talon: Find unoccupied storage room.
Talon: Towers all have storage room before reaching top. Dorms below.
Talon: Go to unoccupied room and spike door and rest for night.
Talon: Talon listens to her coin.
Talon: Tarrastra next week and Maure Castle week after.

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