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Notes from 1/21/16 - Eggstras!

Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2016 9:40 pm
by Caelesti
Torin cast Sending to send a message to Talon. It read, "You have twenty-five words to respond. We have the wrong eggs. Should we teleport to your position and rescue you? Should we slay all giants?" Talon's response was, "Made friends with Giants. Approach openly and no weapons drawn. Do not slay these Cloud Giants. Make amends and get info on real thief."

The party decided to comply, while preparing to be double-crossed. They cast buffs prior to teleporting to the cloud castle, and then teleported to the main outside door. The knocker was 10' high, so Caelesti cast an extended Fly to reach it. A giant eventually opened the door and led the party to the king.

The party apologized. The king had a guard fetch their captive. Eventually the guard returned with Talon, who pranced into the room, befriending all. As recompense, the King asked the party to raise his fallen family members, and to pay 2500 gp for each other fallen giant. There was some attempt to negotiate not to raise the evil cleric (Murdock), but the party complied in the end .. after Torin cast Divination to see if Arianrhod was OK with the raising.

Carric returned to Rowensmeade to get funds. The rest of the party partied before sleeping for the night.

The next day, the party was taken to the burial site, and the bodies of the king's relatives were exumed. Torin cast Raise Dead on the two giants. Both relatives complained about not being buried with their stuff. Torin proselytized about Arianrhod. The king then fulfilled his part of the bargain, telling what he believed happened to the eggs.

The king then sent his relatives with Talon to retrieve the eggs from his son. The mage read a scroll, and the three blinked out and reappeared on a mountain. They located the king's son (Finnick) and asked him to hand over the dragon eggs. The son produced 5 eggs, 3 with silver specks, and 2 with red specks. The three returned back to the cloud castle, leaving the king's son behind. There, the party reunited and left with the 5 eggs, returning to Talon's grandmother's cave. At the cave, Talon told the party of her adventures. Grandmother said that all the red eggs could be left with her, and she would deal with them appropriately. They all then traveled to Talon's Auntie's home and returned her eggs. Auntie gave the party 30k gp worth of gems as a reward.

Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2016 11:24 pm
by Brianna Sollandry
Everybody popped, by the way. I think Talon might have signed off before hearing that.

Posted: Fri Jan 22, 2016 1:06 pm
by Brianna Sollandry
Also, I forgot to mention, but I am putting this campaign on hold for a while. I'm working on a major new set of rules for the next stage. This will take a few months, I expect.