Notes from 8/9/18 - More woe than weal

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Notes from 8/9/18 - More woe than weal

Postby Caelesti » Thu Aug 09, 2018 9:29 pm

The party entered the windmill for the deed in hand. The ground floor had been converted into a kitchen, now messy and recently used. An old hag entered the room and offered the party sweet cakes; all declined. Morpheus could smell a fiend in the area, but it wasn't the hag, so he headed up the stairs. Calder followed.

The hag cast Sleep on those remaining in the kitchen, none were affected.
Kili shot a crossbow bolt at the hag.
Brandt crossed the room and struck her with a scimitar.
Morpheus looked around the room, didn't see any creatures and returned to the stairs that led down.
Calder headed down the stairs and cast Scorching Rays at the hag, hitting with one.

Belle closed on the hag and swung her warhamer at her.
Two more hags came down the stairs from above. Both cast dark rays at Morpheus, both missed, one just barely.
Kili shot another crossbow bolt at the hag in the kitchen.
Brandt attacked with scimitars.
Morpheus went down the stairs and closed on the hag there.
Calder cast Magic Missiles at the hag.

Belle swung her hammer at the hag.
The hags followed Morpheus down the stairs.
Kili cast Command on the lead hag coming down the stairs, "Fall!"
Morpheus struck the hag and added a Divine Smite.
Brant missed again.
Calder moved away from the hag at his feet and cast Sleep on her, to no effect.

Belle missed again.
The lead hag tumbled down the stairs.
A hag shot Magic Missiles at Calder.
The hag in melee moved to the wall taking hits by Brandt and Morpheus as she turned. She also shot Magic Missiles at Calder.
Kili shot a crossbow bolt at a hag.
Morpheus closed on the injured hag and tried to strike her.
Brandt closed on her and struck her.
Calder cast Invisibility on himself.

Belle missed again.
A hag stood up and cast Magic Missiles at Brandt.
Another had closed on Brandt and clawed him.
Morpheus struck the hag again, applying another Divine Smite.
Brandt struck her twice.
Calder moved out of the building.

Belle missed again and fled the building, getting hit from behind on route.
A hag struck Morpheus.
Another hit him with a black, crackling ray, weakening him.
The last shot a ray at Brandt.
Morpheus and Brant both fled.

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