Notes from 5/16/19 - Orcs and Allies

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Notes from 5/16/19 - Orcs and Allies

Postby Caelesti » Thu May 16, 2019 9:10 pm

The party planned to cleverly get answers about Juiblex, Arabel, and how to stop the confrontation. Sedon asked his book when Arabel would kill Juiblex if the party didn't intervene. The response was a moon or two.

The party moved back onto the ledge to scout. A dwarf called for the party to stop. Ultimately, the party was OK with the party because the dwarven statues did not attack the party. He led the party to meet more mountain dwarves.

Eclipse pulled out the shards of her broken dwarven Warhammer and asked if they could repair it. The dwarves all dropped to one knee in awe of the previously magnificent weapon. The believed the party was there to help them retake the citadel.

The dwarves told the party about the orc leader who had a green witch as an advisor, a frost giant associated with the white dragon, and mines run by slaves. Freeing the slaves would do wonders for their cause.

The dwarves led the party to see their priestess. She recognized the hammer as the one given to the duergar, and that it being broken meant that the treaty was also broken. Sedon spoke with her privately and explained that this hammer was brought back from a terrible future that may never happen if the party is successful.

The priestess devised a plan to free the slaves form the mine.

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Re: Notes from 5/16/19 - Orcs and Allies

Postby Yoshi » Thu May 16, 2019 9:12 pm

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