Notes from 07/09/2020 - Bag End

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Notes from 07/09/2020 - Bag End

Postby MercyDrake » Thu Jul 09, 2020 10:46 pm

Fuma took the party shopping at the Green Dragon Apothecary, run by a gnome named Tommil. Like Gurella before him he jumped on the counter to talk to us. Just once, Mercy would like to do that. Tommil sold us a dozen salves of greater healing. We each bought two, with Mercy buying two extra. Fuma ordered two superior healing salves; they’ll be ready in the morning.

The party asked what else Tommil might have available, sending the gnome rummaging in his cabinets. He popped up with an amulet of proof against paralyzation and stunning. It was expensive enough that we’ll decide by our return in the morning. Mercy asked about something that might confer flying, and Tommil said ‘no.’ But he handed her a bag of Shadowkeep Leaf on the house. Said it would make her feel like flying with no impact the next morning.

It was nearing time for the dinner. The party waded through the plague-infested, while being followed by a 5 ft tall shadow. But it did not close. Kelvit? Dorin? Someone else?

Heralla’s Homestead was busy. The manor house was surrounded by sigils and crests on many men at arms. Sedon and Fuma recognized ones belonging to House Hothemer and Lady Lauriel Silverhair. This gave them pause to plan out reasonable answers in case they were pressed on past events. Amathor and Mercy entered straightaway with Eclipse on Amathor’s shoulder. Heralla accosted Amaroth immediately and pressed him to sing The Tale of the Dragon. He moved to the stage.

Amaroth had reworked his beginning and enthralled the audience. The two dozen guests to become enraptured, but the middle slowed, and the finish flagged a bit. Amaroth sang about:
- The dragon swept in from above and breathed on the party
- Fuma valiantly shadow stepped and pummeled
- Amaroth taunted and distracted the dragon
- Sedon did mysterious things
- He did NOT sing about Mercy in dragonform
- The Thane fought at our side
- Afterwards the party was assailed by a demon.
The crowd gave him rousing approbation, then started peppering him with questions – Is the dragon story true? Did the party encounter the Jarl? Surely the Jarl will want revenge…

Sedon and Fuma entered during the performance. Heralla quickly came over, welcomed them both, and apologized for almost not recognizing them without their halfling companion. She even mentioned Chip by name. She said the party was to celebrate their return. Fuma admitted to being embarrassed for not recognizing Lady Heralla, but she assured him there was no harm as they’d not met before.

They greeted House Hothemer next. Fuma bowed to Lady Dayla Hothemer, but the daughter they rescued, Saereth, was having none of this. She hugged Fuma. Arrangements were made to go to Hothemer the next day. The Hothemer’s noted that Fuma and Sedon’s skill at making friends has not gone unnoticed.

Saereth came over to Mercy, and her 5’9” human form failed at a strength show against the 6’3” Mercy, but Mercy let her know she appreciated Saereth’s effort. In response, Saereth led Marcy to the wine table and plied her with wine – something Mercy had not had before. Interesting drink that wine. Mercy decided she would forego the weed. She offered to go to House Hothemer in the morning to practice swordplay with Saereth.

The final event of the night was spectacular – and scary. The party was treated to the sight of two elven maidens flanking an impossibly beautiful woman 6’1”. This was the Lady Lauriel Silverhand, Fifth Daughter of Mystra (goddess of magic), former Witch Queen of the North, and Open Lord of Waterdeep. Naturally, Fuma and Sedon were familiar. Amaroth wanted to learn about THAT story.

Lady Lauriel was pleasant, but went straight to cryptic which made the party wonder what and how much she knew. To Fuma she said, “the shadow of what lingers within can still be seen.” To Mercy, “always honored when one of the great kin enter Waterdeep.” And, after Fuma expressed curiosity, wanting to know how a lady such as herself had heard of our lowly troup, she replied that she kept tabs and that she would “Insure all whispers come to me.”
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Re: Notes from 07/09/2020 - Bag End

Postby MercyDrake » Thu Jul 09, 2020 10:47 pm

Amaroth rolls Skill (Persuasion): (d20+5+8) : [16 + 5 + 8] = 29
Fuma rolls Skill - Persuasion (CHA+Dark): (d20-1+2) : [14 - 1 + 2] = 15
DM DrMcFlashPoint: Tommil
Amaroth rolls Skill (Arcana): (d20+2+4) : [16 + 2 + 4] = 22
Amaroth rolls Skill (Perception): (d20+1+2) : [13 + 1 + 2] = 16
Mercy rolls Skill - Perception: (d20+1+4) : [4 + 1 + 4] = 9
Sedon rolls Skill: Perception: (d20+0+4) : [9 + 4] = 13
Fuma rolls Skill - Perception (WIS+2xProf+Dark): (d20+4+4+4+2) : [12 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 2] = 26
Sedon rolls Skill: History: (d20+1+4) : [11 + 1 + 4] = 16
Amaroth rolls Skill (History): (d20+2+2) : [8 + 2 + 2] = 12
Mercy rolls Ability - INT: (d20-1) : [14 - 1] = 13
Fuma rolls Skill - History (INT+Dark): (d20+0+2) : [8 + 2] = 10
Amaroth rolls Skill (Performance): (d20+5+4) : [18 + 5 + 4] = 27
Amaroth rolls Skill (Performance): (d20+5+4) : [8 + 5 + 4] = 17
Amaroth rolls Skill (Performance): (d20+5+4) : [4 + 5 + 4] = 13
Mercy rolls Ability - STR: (d20+4) : [17 + 4] = 21
DM DrMcFlashPoint: Saereth
DM DrMcFlashPoint: Lady Dayla Hothemer
DM DrMcFlashPoint: Gentle Lord Tommen Hothemer
Amaroth: (As opposed to Cruel Lord Joffrey Hothemer)
DM DrMcFlashPoint: Lady Lauriel Silverhand Fiifth Daughter of Mystra former Witch Queen of the North Open Lord of Waterdeep
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