Notes from 07/29/2020 - Yessef, Astra, and Dorin

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Notes from 07/29/2020 - Yessef, Astra, and Dorin

Postby MercyDrake » Wed Jul 29, 2020 10:50 pm

The overnight in the guesthouse of Heralla’s Homestead passed uneventfully. While the party briefly discussed what needed to be done, eventually it was decided the Amaroth and Eclipse were going to head south to the Black Stallion, while Fuma, Sedon and Mercy would head toward the Hothemer estate.

On the way south, Eclipse stopped in a weapons shop but did not find anything of interest. At length, they came across a sign of a black stallion with a loitering half-elf and human outside. Inside was tiny, with three tables and one hooded person sitting at them. A dwarf and a human were chatting with a human beertender. Eclipse asked for and received demon ales. The hooded figure stood up and walked over to table, pulled back her hood, and Amaroth and Eclipse recognized the female tiefling from up the hill. She announced she’d “rid herself of a few companions.”

The demon ales had a distinct taste, were warm going down, and had an immediate effect on both party members. Everything would b harder to do going forward.

Eclipse and the lady got into a conversation:
- L: how did the party come to be traveling with the Thane? That service may have thwarted the orc warlord. What happened? E: the way I heard it someone started a feud that turned into a civil war that allowed certain adventurers to enter the vault
- L: what do you know of the adventurers that broke into vault and caused the chaos? E: they’re a curious bunch. (smiles)
- E: how’d you come to be there? L: let’s say there are a number of people who were growing concerned with the orcs and who they were choosing to make alliances with.
- E: have you heard of the green lady? L: the sorceress who travels with the warlord?
- E: yes, what is her intent? L: she is adept at negotiating alliances. We need help in dismantling her alliances. (Amarath said this fits in with our plans). L: the green lady is not too far to the south, in the encampment of hobgoblins. Our negotiations with the hobgoblins have spiraled out of control.
- E: what were your forces trying to accomplish? L: they were assisting hobgoblins to get arms because the hobgoblins were pushing against a foe further to the south. But the hobgoblins gained an alliance with the orc chief/green lady. They may no longer be marching to the south.
- L: in fact, we are looking for an operative, “Astra”. She is human brunette, had longish hair, capable, but not the most adept in a fight.
- E: we broke into vault.
- L: Flips a gold coin with a heart impressed on it (history/int checks failed) Smiles at party’s hazy expressions. Says, “assist the harpers, it will not go unrewarded.” (She gives the coin to Eclipse.)
- E: We’re staying at the Heralla Homestead. We can meet you tomorrow. L: while I am willing to meet tomorrow at noon at the Yawning Portal, I would prefer not to.
- L: “Yessef” E: “Eclipse”
Amiroth praised Eclipse’s effort and result on the way back.

At the Hothemer estate, a courier greeted the party by name. Saereth came down and hugged Mercy. She also offered a room at Hothemer instead of Heralla. She then asked about the party’s knowledge about the family lodge. Fuma shared his memories, ending with the note that he last saw the area as having everything gone, almost as if it had been transplanted. Fuma speculated about this being due to the fey, or maybe the exploding tree portal, or maybe the ghost who lives in the cliffs, but certainly high magic in any case. Sareth thought about this and asked about Arrowroot and whether he was still in the clutches of a Beholder, suspended in time.

Mercy once more made the offer to spar with her and they proceeded to do so. Saereth was still a raw enough beginner that her approach was fairly undisciplined, so Mercy started teaching her better combinations. Amaroth arrived with a cat on his shoulder to see Mercy-Saereth sparring and joined the audience.

Once done, Fuma pulled the party aside to a quiet place next to some abandoned carriages. Fuma and Sedon had met Astra, at the Sullen Mule Inn, when dealing with dwarves Fromier and Dromier. Sedon wondered aloud why Yessef’s people deserved an alliance. Mercy, and then Fuma, recognized the coin. Mercy was aware the harpers were eyes and ears of good aligned dragons. Fuma was aware of political/adventuring operation (spies on sword coast, courtiers) in general aligned with good aligned groups such as Torm, Fora, Mistra.

The party then took its leave and went to the Dwarven Depot to meet Dorin. He eagerly waved the party over. Dorin outlined a plan to flush out Kelvit. His house had been confiscated. A person bought it, but soon disappeared. Since then, no one has had the courage to reclaim house. Dorin suggested the party procur the house, or specifically either Fuma or Sedon, which would be taken as an insult. He said the temple of Timur would sell the house for a song and the bounty for Kelvit would be enough to pay for that and more. Sedon explained that the party needed to leave in a day’s time. Dorin told the party the time wasn’t critical and that he could be found at the Sullen Mule.

Lunch was at nearby tavern. Eclipse/worg hunted for squirrels and scared the citizenry. She avoided a half dozen bootsteps running toward the park. The rest of us ate in the tavern, Mercy wolfing down two chickens in full barbarian mode, scaring off the other patron’s attention

A visit to the Green Dragon Apothecary let the party finish their purchases of poison prevention amulet (to Mercy) and the potions they’d agreed to buy the day before. Tommil sent Eclipse to the Temple of Gond to get the scimitar she wanted. The temple was a marketplace of smiths and flea market type stalls. There were many smoke stacks. A yellow robed priest greeted the party, and he an Eclipse settled on embellishing her silvered scimitar for 8000gps. He even loaned her another scimitar to use during the week it would take. Just as it had done in the apothecary, the party pooled its funds to make the purchase possible.

The party decided they would accept the offer to stay at Heralla after this evening. The let both Harella and Hothemer know of their plans. The lady of the house was disappointed of course. In the morning they left for the Yawning Portal.
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Re: Notes from 07/29/2020 - Yessef, Astra, and Dorin

Postby Veracity » Tue Aug 04, 2020 2:26 pm

Eclipse gave Amaroth her +1 AC cloak when Amaroth helped her pay for her scimitar upgrade. Eclipse will see if she has something to give Fuma for his donation also.

I do believe in keeping items in the party and passing items on when someone gets "something better" for their class.

I don't believe in pooling funds without compensation.

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