Players and PCs

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Players and PCs

Postby Veracity » Fri Feb 16, 2018 10:48 pm

Where do PCs end and players begin?

B and I both adored Veracity, but I would say she is nothing like me - the real life person playing her. I enjoyed playing her for that reason. Ditto with Eclipse. (I don't even like raw sushi LOL.) I have a ton of fun playing Eclipse!! She is one of my all time favorite PCs to play.

I don't always know in advance who I'm going to enjoy playing. Some characters are more fun to design than to run, in practice. And a lot of that has to do with party make up and the type of module. Some characters are just more useful in certain modules.

I wouldn't go into Ravenloft in real life. I might go into the forest to visit good Wood Elves and pursue knowledge. I might become a Bard if I had to be a D&D class in real life - and be another story teller. That would be very me. Or an artisan in a guild. That could be me too. (I'm good at crafts.) But I wouldn't be a fighter or a cleric. I might be a wizard alchemist, but at my own lab in a safe town. :-D

I confess, as a person, I always kinda cringe inside when a melee starts because I'm not someone in real life who would want to be caught in that. I have to remind myself it's just a game and decide what to come up with. My own inclination would be to duck for cover.

How do others feel about themselves vs their PCs? What would you do in real life in "melee?"

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Re: Players and PCs

Postby MercyDrake » Thu Feb 22, 2018 3:08 pm

I look at DnD as an opportunity to try to be a different person. Oh, there are a lot of similarities from character to character, but trying out a bully persona, or a wallflower when I am neither is why I got into DnD in the first place. For this reason I work hard on backgrounds before I start a character so that I have some kind of a guide on how that character might act in most situations. They don't just all want to be like me.

It is also why I alternate male/female, why I try to rotate through the classes, and even when I'm playing my preferred class (some kind of wizard/sorcerer) why I play a ray specialist, then play a diviner, then a conjurer. I want to learn how a person limited in THIS WAY responds to the same situation I've already seen and handled by a person limited THAT WAY.

It means I am usually not maximizing my characters. It often means I'm building in possible fatal flaws, indeed I've lost characters because 'this is what they would do,' but that is what role playing is all about.
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