Good start!

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Good start!

Postby Brianna Sollandry » Wed Jun 07, 2017 8:34 am

This was fun! The whole constantly changing dice pool thing is brand new and will take a lot of learning before we can use them as cleverly as the examples in the book (Mal's fight with Atherton in Shindig, for example).

I really like the story-based emphasis of the game. Don't worry about "hit points" and "damage"; during a scene, characters are either "taken out" or continue, perhaps with complications.

Now that I have my book back, it's time to read it again. More thoroughly. :)

Thanks for a fun session, Yoshi!

(Veracity asked if characters advance. Yes: at the end of an Episode, you can improve things: attributes, skills, unlock ("check") usages for Distinctions, make temporary assets into Signature assets, etc. It may take more than one Episode's worth of XP to do some of those, depending on power boost; it is a lot harder to boost an Attribute from d10 to d12 than from d6 to d8, for example.)

a Beat = a Round
a Scene = an Encounter
an Episode = an Adventure
a Season of Episodes = a Campaign

I'd say "how cinematic", except it's TV terminology, rather than movie. Dramatic, in any case.

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Re: Good start!

Postby Veracity » Wed Jun 07, 2017 10:37 am

Movie scripts use Beats and Scenes too. :-)

I felt pretty confused until we actually started choosing the dice pools in play. Then I started really getting into the game. I had fun!

And I may want to continue with Kaylee.

Seston Tempiri
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Re: Good start!

Postby Seston Tempiri » Fri Jun 09, 2017 2:05 am

Yes. It was fun. Figuring out the complication bit may be the most difficult in unplanned scenes. Seems like you need a bit of a flowchart mechanic for that process. Something of a choose your own adventure style path system that makes the flow look more open and descriptive while keeping it constrained enough to be manageable.

I'm also always going to be sad that a campaign is a season.

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