Notes from 3/8/18 - Bring out your dead

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Notes from 3/8/18 - Bring out your dead

Postby Caelesti » Thu Mar 08, 2018 10:31 pm

The party kept watches for the night. There were no disturbances outside, though a party confrontation did take place between Bell and Deelo, and Deelo was not in the house in the morning. There was a note, possibly written by Deelo, stating that she was moving on.

The rest of the party brought the coffin to the cemetery. There was a disturbance ahead, some creepy scream. The party advanced. Father Donobvich was praying to remove evil spirits from his son Doru, trapped under the floorboards, ideally in a secret room.

The party carried the coffin to the cemetery and dug a hole in the family plot. The father said Kolyan had to be buried at dawn, so the party had to stay for the night.

Casual conversation with the father revealed that a strange wizard led others, including his son, to a castle with a beast. The son was killed, but was not raised, making the party wonder about the state of the son under the floorboards crying out about his hunger. The father eluded that his son was a vampire, for about a year.

The party rested at Kolyan's house during the day to be far from the son's wailing. They returned to the cemetery at night to guard until the dawn burial.

At night, spirits of dead adventurers marched on the castle to continue their missions.

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Re: Notes from 3/8/18 - Bring out your dead

Postby Brianna Sollandry » Thu Mar 08, 2018 10:37 pm

Belle: okay
Belle: I take the note
Belle: and put rope away in backpack
Belle: and sit out on watch
Belle: Belle wakes next two who wake next two
Belle: i can't hear
Belle: only static
Belle: should I reconnect
Belle: may I call
Belle: type anything you want to say
Belle: don't have number handt
Belle: snote read by voice of Deilo
I've decided to strike out on my own. The gnome asked a great question after attacking me during watch: "Which side are you on?"

At the end of the day, I'm on the side that allows the wind in my hair and loves a bright sun shining on the land. Perhaps that means I'm on my own side or perhaps there are others like me in this cursed land. I wish you luck, but I bet I find that blazing sword first.

May legend know your names and that Vistani witch not need new rubes.


Belle: more debate
Belle: off to bury the body
Belle: Head north from mansion
Belle: Looking for priest and graveyard
Belle: Priest of the Dawn Lord
Belle: Straud vampire or lich?
Belle: "lived" too long
Belle: sagging church ahead, worm and weary
Belle: worn
Belle: probably has worms too, though
Belle: door not locked
Belle: bright lit chapel from holes in roof
Belle: adjacent chambers
Belle: someone praying
Belle: unholy sound from beneath wooden floor
Belle: someone under floor calling "Father, I'm starving"
Belle: Father wants us to pray for son
Belle: Daroo?
Mild DM: Kolyan Indirovich is the dead burgomaster
Mild DM: Donobvich is the priest. Doru is his son
Mild DM: Ireena Kolyana and Ismark are Kolyan's children
Belle: Father will help us bury the Bugermeister
Belle: Says must be done at Dawn.
Belle: All in this village follow the Dawn Lord
Belle: Wants to bury body next morning not now.
Belle: wolves and zombies?
Belle: come out at night and attack doors
Belle: we want to patch up place we sleep for the night
Belle: but not so much that dawn can't come in
Belle: Belle suggests to Kili that Kili "enhance the dawn" in the morning to cheer this priest
Belle: priest wails and so does his son.
Belle: we are creeped out
Belle: Belle tried to clean up worship area a bit. Pick up peers.
Belle: sweep
Belle: by stay away from holes in the floor
Belle: pickup pews, I mean
Belle: Kili wants to patch up walls and asks for hammers and nails.
Kili tells you: Kili pulls Izmark aside and asks, how did your father die?
You tell Kili: his heart failed him after months of night attacks upon our house. He died of fight.
You tell Kili: fright
Belle: spirts come out of graves and head up to castle where "beast" lives
Belle: at midnight

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Re: Notes from 3/8/18 - Bring out your dead

Postby Veracity » Mon Mar 12, 2018 11:08 am

Do we feel any moral obligation to rid the town of the vampire under the floorboards?

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Re: Notes from 3/8/18 - Bring out your dead

Postby Veracity » Mon Mar 12, 2018 11:10 am

Should we "stake" the dead burgermeister just in case before we bury him?

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Re: Notes from 3/8/18 - Bring out your dead

Postby Hazen » Mon Mar 12, 2018 11:50 am

Veracity wrote:Do we feel any moral obligation to rid the town of the vampire under the floorboards?

Proly puts a damper on church attendance that. :wink:

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