Notes from 6/21/2018

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Notes from 6/21/2018

Postby Brianna Sollandry » Thu Jun 21, 2018 9:33 pm

Kili rolls Skill - Medicine: (d20+3+2) : [10 + 3 + 2] = 15
Belle: We all go up to L3 when we leave the haunted house
Kili rolls d8: (d8) : [2] = 2
Kili rolls d8: (d8) : [6] = 6
Calder: 1. Small mumified yellow hand w/sharp claws on a loop of rope (a goblin's hand). 2. A knife carved from a human bone. 3. A dagger with a rat's skull set into the pommel. 4. An 8-inch diameter varnished orb made from a nothic's eye. 5. An aspergillum carved from bone. 6. A folded cloak made from stitched ghoul skin. 7. A desciccated frog lashed to a stick. 8. A bag full of bat guano. 9. A hag's severed finger. 10. A 6-inch-tall wooden figurine of a mummy, its aems crossed over its chest. 11. An iron pendanat adorned with a devil's face. 12. The shrunken shriveled head of a halfling. 13. A small wooden coffer containing a dire wolf's withered tongue. And The desiccated liver of a dire wolf.
Sympathetic DM rolls d7: (d7) : [3] = 3

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Re: Notes from 6/21/2018

Postby MercyDrake » Fri Jun 29, 2018 5:21 pm

Kili woke up from whatever dimension he'd been exiled to and surveyed the party: Belle and Orpheus were both hors de combat. Kili made a medicine roll and found Belle still to be alive. This stabilized her. Unfortunately Orpheus was in worse shape. Maybe it was a clue that he'd been broken into several pieces. Kili said a short prayer over the remains.

The party exited the death house and found that some of what they'd picked up rotted from old age, but metal objects survived ok. Somehow so did the deeds an Strahd letter.
Belle - deck of cards
Belle - wooden seal with windmill
Belle - red wax candle
Orpheus - Iron key
Orpheus - tinder box
Calder - Strahd letter to Dursts
Calder - Deed to windmill east of Vallaki
Calder - Deed to Death House
Calder - Will bequeaths house to Rose and Thorn
Kili - 3 scrolls: bless, prot poison, spiritual weapon
Kili - 3 blank leather-covered books
Orpheus - Black plate armor with lots of cobwebs
Belle - Silver jewellery box – 3 gold rings, thin platinum necklace with topaz pendant
Oprheus - a cape of dubious heritage
Belle - a desiccated liver and other body parts
Kili - the mistress' bones

The party exited the house to find the fog lessened and immediately took what was left of Orpheus to Ireena and Izmark. They asked if anyone in the area would be able to bring Orpheus back to life, but sadly they did not know. They also gladly provided Orpheus with a coffin in which to rest. Kili used the long rest to study Gentle Repose, and cast that on Orpheus to keep the remains from getting too gamey.

Next stop was the priest we'd met before. His son became extremely agitated "FEED ME!!!" on smelling the charnel remains. And while the priest was quite willing to bury Orpheus, or burn him on a pyre, or several other solid ideas, the party opted not to do that. The mistress' remains however were laid to rest (even though they were mostly dust at this point.)

With nowhere else to turn, the party took Orpheus to Madame Eva. For a short instant it looked like success was at hand. Yes, she knew the incantations to bring back Orpheus from the dead. Yes, she was willing to help. But, no, we did not have the 500gp diamond material component she needed to complete the spell. Beaten, the party said goodbye to their fallen compatriot.
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