The Domains of Dread
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Postby Veracity » Thu Sep 20, 2018 8:38 am

Could Calder enter the proshesies here?

I will list out the key items and places, etc and add that to the information I'm creating to track treasure and gp.

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Re: Prophesies

Postby Hazen » Thu Sep 27, 2018 6:41 pm

Madam Eva, hunches over a crystal ball. "You are here to raise the curse".


Five of Swords (Mymidon). History; knowledge of the ancient will help you understand your enemies. Look for a den of wolves in the hills overlooking the mountain lake. The treasure belongs to Mother Night.

Five of Stars: Elementalist. Powerful force for good and protection. A holy symbol for great hope. The treasure is hidden in a small castle beneath the mountain guarded by amber giants.

Five of Gliphs Druid. Tells of power and strength. A weapon of vengeance. A sword of sunlight. An evil tree grows atop a hill of graves where the ancient dead sleep. The ravens can help you find it. Look for the treasure there.

Major card: Mist. Sheds light on one who will help you greatly in the battle against darkness. A Vistana wanders this land alone searching for her mentor. She does not stay in one place for long. Seek her out at Saint Marcovia's Abbey near the mist.

Major card: Seer. Your enemy is a creature of darkness whose power is beyond mortality. He waits for you in a place of wisdom, warmth and despair. Great secrets are there. The abby is in Krazk (west road).

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