Notes from 06/18/2020 - Ringing Tasha

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Notes from 06/18/2020 - Ringing Tasha

Postby MercyDrake » Thu Jun 18, 2020 11:12 pm

The indigo crystal sent the party to a large room. The room contained a single table with someone covered in a black shroud on it, and another of the Kresk people whose parts were assembled by a madman. This one sported a lobster claw and a human hand. The human hand was being used to make lovely music on a stringed instrument while he reclined on a bed.

Naturally, the man stopped his playing on the party’s arrival, and asked, ‘Who invited you?’ in a firm voice. The party hemmed and hawed. At length Calder proffered the two-week-old dinner invitation from Strahd. The man, Clovin Bellview, was clearly not impressed. The party excused itself and moved quickly down the stairs. Clovin resumed playing.

The flight of stairs deposited the party in a grand hall, with the previously met Abbot of St. Marcovia sitting at a table next to a pale woman. He introduced her as Vasilka. This meeting was also cordial. He asked how things had gone since the last visit. The party asked for an update from him and learned that Vasilka needed a proper bridal gown in order to marry Strahd. He offered friendship and to raise dead 3 times if the party could procure one.

Once the party agreed to help, measured Vasilka who had also been stitched together out of piece parts, and the discussion moved on to where Tasha Petrovna’s grave might be. The Abbot said, ‘well the town cemetery is right outside these walls, and he led them to the entrance. The party then fanned out to look for, “There is a grave to the west, with roses that never die, in a place built by healers, in a village called Kresk, When all turns to darkness, touch this holy symbol to the grave to summon the light and find a treasure long lost.” On the eastern side of the belfry a grave with carved roses had an opening on the eastern side that was shaped exactly like the symbol of the sun god. Kili pulled out the symbol that he had taken from the crypts and it fit perfectly.

On insertion, the holy symbol and indent both vanished. A Bright ray of light split the clouds in the west and struck Tasha’s grave. The monument crumbled and exposed a ring that detected as transmutation magic. Kili pocketed it.

The party then headed to the village of Kresk. It was 400’ below. There they called on the Burgermeister, Dmitri, who’d put them up the last time. Because the party had arranged for a delivery of wine for Kresk, the burgermeister agreed to the overnight, making sure the party would leave in the morning. The party stopped at the seamstress to see if she would make a dress for Vasilka, but she wanted 50gp and a month which was too long a timeframe. The abbot had said within two weeks and had apparently threatened the burgermeister to make that happen. While exploring options, the burgermeister’s wife, Anna, said the burgermeister’s wife in Vallaki had a wedding dress that could be used. The party agreed to take her there.

Overnight the party attuned to their new items. The Ring of Regeneration to Calder.

The trip to Vallaki went smoothly. A raven came down to examine the party but neither helped nor hindered reaching Vallaki. Just as well. Things went sour on arrival.

Kasimir decided he and Petrina should go to the dusk elf encampment. But the dusk elves had stoned her to death to prevent her from marrying Strahd. She wasn’t interested in the encampment. AND SHE STILL WANTED TO MARRY STRAHD. They left to discuss this and did not return late into the evening. Given that Petrina is an archmage, had been restored to vitality by the party, and had just relearned her spells from the spellbook the party had retrieved for her, she was now formidable in her own right. And it was clear her goals did not include killing Strahd.

The party has created a dangerous enemy. Kili asked whether she could just teleport to the castle, getting there first and marrying Strahd before Vasilka even had her gown. Dour faces were the response.

The party took Anna to the burgermeister’s location, won entry, and convinced the burgermeister’s wife to part with the dress. 10 minutes late, the beautiful wedding gown was in box. Anna left with her guards to take it back to Kresk.

The party next stopped at Gadof Blinsky’s toy shop, home of “Is no fun is no Blinsky.” The shop has only had one sale in six months, Blinsky sold a toy to Ricktavio, who paid him in monkey. That monkey, Piccolo, was running around the shop. After realizing the toys were all a bit, um, morbid , Kili bought a ventriloquist doll shaped like Strahd.

Next the party talked over everything back at the inn, Ezmeralda realized the party had met her mentor, now going under the name Ricktavio. She left. Half the party was now gone. And an archmage wanted to be part of the Strahd team. Goody.

At least Ezmerelda came back from Rictavio. She still wanted to help.
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