Session 5 - 8 Feb 2021 Parrot-shoots

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Session 5 - 8 Feb 2021 Parrot-shoots

Postby MercyDrake » Wed Feb 10, 2021 4:55 pm

The party recounted their experiences of the past two weeks:

- Clement had taken sailing lessons and visited the Valedictorian to sample its sored knowledge of the islands and seas. Clement bought a machete for each party member, except Vauhxx who already wields an axe.
- Ffillippe conducted research in the library, focusing on how to get back once the party goes to the Green
- Lady JoJo got ready for her house to fly on the night of the full moon. Therefore, she planned a party on the 5th day of the fortnight. She made lists of rich idlers to invite.
- Talis hung out in the topiary district, frequenting the coffee ships, listening for bits of conversation about the Green Sun. She did hear one person mention a sun ship trip to the Pale to speak with a dead wife. The lone Green comment emanated from an eco-tourist and warned of “sneaky, tricksy, watch your back because of wild creatures; not a safe place.”
- Vauhxx spent the time making things. He made a set of Goggles of the Dark Hunter each for Talis and Lady JoJo. This will allow them to see 30’ in the dark. He also made an Amulet of Whispers for himself to allow communication with any party member within visual range. A mishap on creation causes this item to flicker invisible at random times, but it works and making things makes him happy. Talis even reimbursed Vauhxx for his costs even though Vauhxx declined.

At the party, Talis spent some time explaining to the other members of our group about how his blob mechanism worked. Vauhxx collected some parrot feathers for a future making. Then Talis hung around the main rooms eavesdropping for snippets of Green Sun conversation. At length a séance was arranged, Talis called up Grizzelroot once more and allowed the Green spirit to entertain the bored glitterati. What was his day like? – he avoided being trapped by a magical tree. Favorite creature? – a pollinator that helps plants to thrive. Grizzelroot discussed the aspects of his life, of growth and decay, of rivers teeming with fish only to be chomped by larger fish in turn. He talked about music, dancing, nudity and wealth in the Green. And even of houses.

Of most interest was his reference to the Watchers/Wardens on each Sun. Ffillippe found out later each Sun has its own warden. The Green Warden, named Chernlis, knows everything and tends to intercept first time Green arrivals to ask why they have come and to ascertain that they are worthy to stay. Each Warden typically asks the visitor to do a task, talk to the Warden, convince the Warden of worthiness, and so on.

The house then landed in Zardim, the land of origami buildings.

At the end of the fortnight, the party met at Clement’s to go to the portal that morning. They were packing machetes and Lady JoJo’s picnic lunch. When they passed Rocky, he was stoic. Vauhxx tied the branches together, the swirling green spiral re-appeared, and the party went through: Talis, Ffillippe, Lady JoJo, Clement, and Vauhxx. They found themselves standing in a verdant glen and were quickly confronted by an androgynous figure speaking in many voices at once. They were glorious in appearance. “Who are you people? None of you have been here before!” They said.

“I know, isn’t it glorious?” Was Lady JoJo’s reply.
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