Session 1 - 23-Jul-20

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Session 1 - 23-Jul-20

Postby MercyDrake » Thu Jul 23, 2020 10:35 pm

The party had one job – help the Illuminated Messiah to die. They arranged a building to fall on her, and, while successful, her tattoos jumped off her and brought her back to life. So the party called on a demon, Choronicoles, to do the honors. He killed her, her soul got pulled into a gem in his forehead, and then he disappeared.

Her tattoos enraged. They jumped off her still warm body, formed a dozen minor swarms of tattoos, and started looking for her soul. This led to attacks on the people and shop carts in the area. It also led to several swarms charging at the party.

Nimuian was the first to have a swarm reach them, they offered their arm to the swarm, hoping the swarm would find lodging there. Unfortunately, the swarm was enraged and out of control and attacked Nimuian. He took damaged, but cleared it. The others, seeing that conciliation wouldn’t work, took more offensive action.

Ute pulled out a rune for understanding unconventional magic. Iver conjured a shield on each arm that completely protected him from tattoo attacks. Eduare slashed one swarm with his dagger. And Ellian tried to persuade the nearest swarm, tried to convince it of the error of its ways, but the enraged swarm simply continued to attack.

Nimuian took out his signature object, a gun firing flaming rounds, and blew the swarm on him away. Ute learned via unconditional understanding that magical approaches to the swarms would need TWO successes rather than just one – physical approaches were better than magical ones. Iver called upon the serpent to attack the tattoos for him. Eduare stabbed his swarm a second time.

Ellian cast an incantation to become intangible and passed through a nearby wall. She summoned a warty demon and told it that it should attack the tattoos for her. The demon asked what she offered in return and Elian offered a service for a service. The demon thought briefly, then decided – Ellian should trash the living room of a Gedic named Flamina for him.

Nimuian blew away the swarm attacking Ute. Ute breathed a rune of defense to protect himself from the next wave of attacks. Iver called upon the serpent again and his tattoo swarm dissolved. Eduare stabbed his swarm a third time and it dropped as well.

The demon sent out by Ellian came out and tore apart a couple of swarms. The local constabulary, riding floating stone horses, also arrived and killed or chased off the rest of the swarms. The demon said, ‘well, my work is done here,’ and disappeared. The constabulary left.

The party decided to go see Fedona who had summoned Choronicoles. They wanted her advice on how best to get Choronicoles to finish the job. After the knock stuck out its tongue and licked Ellian’s hand, the party was admitted into Fedona’s place. Fedona decided that someone else must have summoned him. Ellian convinced her to divulge that likelihood is was Sanna, and the address where to find her. Fedona didn’t want to hear about any plans to trash Flamina’s living room.
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