Session 2 (Final) - 13 August 2020

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Session 2 (Final) - 13 August 2020

Postby MercyDrake » Fri Aug 14, 2020 8:27 am

The party took a ten-minute to replenish before heading off to Sanna. Her domicile turned out to be a strangely crooked building of two levels. Something was just wrong about it. The second floor windows made it look like it was staring at us, maybe leering at us, finding us wanting. Ute knocked.

A thoughtform butler dressed in white and black answered. He sniffed a ‘busy’ in our general direction, apparently expecting that to get us to leave. Eduare responded by casting Moridiv's Egregious Etiquette to de-sniff him, and that seemed to have worked, because the thoughtform led the party inside.

Sanna was alerted to our presence and a 6’ tall woman, dressed in a red and black flame motif and a red and black headdress came from an interior room to deal with us. Ellian tried a Know Mind which failed miserably, draining all of his clothing of any color whatsoever. Fortunately, Sanna didn’t react badly to this.

By that time, the party had already gotten the chance to explain that we thought Choronicoles had been summoned before the completion of our task and that we needed to get him back. The party was also clear that this could be after the demon finished whatever service Sanna had negotiated. She demurred and then offered to tell the party where we could find him if we bribed her.

Did we have a choice?

After Ellian gave her an ephemera, Sanna told us Choronicoles had been sent to spy on someone named Shadov. He was meeting an important contact at a café called Garver’s. Sanna suspected something had gone wrong because Choronicoles hadn’t come back and was well overdue.

So the party made its way to Garver’s, a self-aware tree with half of it turned café. And, yup, Choronicoles was there. He was surreptitiously raging against unseen demons. Apparently, his way of being inconspicuous is to have everyone watch him.

The party Hesitated just long enough for Eduard to cast some kind of short time stop and Ute to use it to pry the gem containing the Illuminated Messiah from Choronicoles’ forehead. We then cast our Emotional Inversion to stop the demon from raging, successfully, and the demon simply left.

Gem in hand, the party retreated to a quiet place to perform the ritual to get the Messiah over to the red sun. This was successful.
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