Session 1 - 12 Nov 2020 Logorrhea

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Session 1 - 12 Nov 2020 Logorrhea

Postby MercyDrake » Fri Nov 13, 2020 9:48 pm

A party was called at The Sunken Ale, located somewhere under Vauhxx’s house.

On arrival, Lady JoJo was attracted by eyes staring at her from Vauhxx’s entrance manhole cover. As a report on her was filed, she continued to the Ale’s entrance. Vauhxx decided to join his cousin there and took a firepole down to the Ale’s level.

Lady JoJo ordered a Blue Canary, while Vauhxx settled for a beer. They sat down at a table occupied by Ffillippe and Clement, and were quickly joined by Talis as well. Talis quickly moved to the dance floor to skim around the disco ball in the Ale’s floor.

The party spoke loudly to be heard over the music. That attracted the attention of a Nathan Navrimol sitting at the next table. He suggested the party needed to go to the Menters Library in Riveriver to look up the various topics the party was discussing. The library is all underground and he claimed it was the best in Satyrine. He said there were 500 librarians, on many levels, and miles of book stacks, but that we should watch out for logovores.

From the dance floor, Talis laughed at the concept of logovores, then started talking about logorrhea. To emphasize the point she coughed up a dance partner because neither Lady JoJo nor Vauhxx were dancing with enough enthusiasm. Talis outdanced Lady JoJo before creating “Blubby”, a small black-purplish blob with appendages.

Because Clement had expressed interest in sailing, Nathan told us about The Alone, the sea nearby to the west, with islands and still waters. He also told us about The Abstraction to the east which was neither water nor placid. Only then did Clement mention that he wanted to go to the library to learn to sail.

The party figured out that they needed to take the Satyrine Rail from Freetown’s station, through the Hallows to the Riveriver stop. Lady JoJo packed a picnic lunch and martinis. Riveriver station also had the transfer point to Indigo Rail.

The Hallows was mostly a slum, poor, neglected, with toxic items and trash in the local, turgid river. Riveriver contrasted greatly with this. The river was fast-moving, with docks and boats and small beings (2’ long fishlike beings with hands) living in the riverbank. We walked over the Market Bridge to get to a central square with four watchtowers, each showing a different time.

We were accosted by a lady in white, dripping ink, who desperately wanted into the library. This was one of the famous logovores we’d been warned about – absorbers of all the words in a book as they absorb the knowledge. She offered to pay well for information on any other entrance to the library. The librarians later identified her as Inchollia and said she’d been banned….

The party entered the library and looked to get guidance to relevant areas to explore:
- Clement was looking for book on sailing
- Talis asked for gardening in the green
- Lady JoJo started copying from 3 legends books taken randomly off the gardening shelf
Both Ffillippe and Vauhxx held back until the others were settled. Only then
- Vauhxx asked about information on the Dark
- Ffillippe wanted magical lore
Both were told that their answers would be hard to come by in Menters Library.

It was time to go sailing!
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