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Postby Veracity » Tue Oct 27, 2020 9:40 pm

The Campaign is called "Conundrums II" because I have already started running it with another group. I will try to "work out the bugs" with that group and improve things for your group. (Conundrums I and II will run separately.)

You can create any background for your PC that you'd like. Some of you can know each other prior to the start or you can all meet for the first time on The Seabird.

The Seabird is known to be a merchant ship with no "home port." The captain, "Sir Sailsalot" will say that The Seabird sails from port to port, "as trade dictates." (However, there is likely more to it than that, as you may or may not discover.)

You have booked passage on The Seabird for reasons of your own, which you can choose to share with the group or not. But you do need to share that with the DM, in a private email, along your intended destination and any goals and interests.

There will be other passengers on the ship that you will be introduced to. (NPCs) Some of them may be pretty tough. Others not so much. It is recommended that you do not go around picking fights with the crew or other passengers. (Where will you go if you get thrown off ;-) Also, the Captain and crew will, very strongly, convey to you the prohibition against casting "Fire-Related" spells onboard = this being a ship made of wood = out in the ocean = too far to swim to land.

In general, you will likely do better in this campaign with diplomacy, investigation, and subterfuge rather than direct confrontations. That said, there will be encounters where melee is absolutely necessary.

You will start out without a firm alignment. You can just not select one when you build your PC or you can select Neutral. As the adventures progress and you interact with others and you make decisions, you may "settle into" an alignment. Then you can add it to your character sheet.

In the vicinity of the dock, before you board the ship, you have been told:
--The name of the ship, "The Seabird."
--The name of the captain, "Sir Sailsalot."
--That The Seabird is a merchant ship, reputed to have no home port, but to travel far and wide as trade dictates.
--That The Seabird can take you to places very different from where you grew up. "So keep an open eye and don't be rash."
--That all the crew members are mysteriously named "Bob" (male or female).
--When "The Bobs" have come ashore to refresh and take on cargo, they wouldn't talk about their lives before The Seabird. The Bobs say The Seabird is their life and their "country."


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Re: Overview

Postby MercyDrake » Tue Nov 03, 2020 2:25 pm

Is there a map you can share? Picking an intended destination is easier if we have a map to key off of.
(And, we might never get to the intended destination, but that's ok.)
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Re: Overview

Postby Veracity » Tue Nov 03, 2020 6:40 pm

I will see if I can create one before we start. :-)

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