Travel Log 11/23

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Travel Log 11/23

Postby Veracity » Tue Nov 24, 2020 3:11 pm

This information is also in a Handout ("What You Know So Far) available to all the players to read and edit in Roll20, Conundrums II:

--Ursa was already on board The Seabird. She is a hired hand to help the Captain defend against anything/one that might attack the ship/crew.
--The rest of you boarded at a dock at a small town, "Dockton"
--2 of you chose to stay in a room with bunkbeds and a door, on the first level below deck.
--The other 3 of you chose to stay in the guest hammock room with Melody the Bard, on the second level below deck.
--Melody the Bard is human, fair, with dark hair and dark eyes. She plays the flute (and perhaps other instruments). She is not a singer per se. She has a pet cat. And she confided that the Captain has an eye for the ladies.
--On the deck of the ship, you were assaulted by 4 giant crabs. Another crab was attacking a Bob. The crabs were tough to hit, but once hit, were easy to kill.
--You killed two of the crabs on deck and the Bobs harvested them for food. The other crabs fell overboard.
--Bastia was grappled when her crab fell overboard. Wutryn dove into the water and rescued Bastia (who can not swim).
--You found a mysterious note under a chair in the guest dining room, where Roger had been sitting. (See image in handout.) You have not returned the note to Roger or otherwise asked him about it.
--Roger is said to be a merchant. He is transporting a giant goat and 2 giant rats in crates on the other side of the bunk rooms.
--That night, Morena (who only needs to meditate, not sleep per se) noticed sparkling silver "dust" on the face of Melody's cat and interacted with the cat.
--In the morning, Morena's satchel was missing and after Wutryn found it for her, there was a Giant Goat (removed from Roger's cate) that popped out. Morena's appearance changed markedly as she grew angry - instead of melancholy.
--Atmohs found apples on the prongs of their trident.
--Wutryn's cape had been spread over a dining table like a table cloth.
--Someone's armor was smeared with a happy face. Someone's shoe laces were knotted.
--Melody said someone likes to move her hat around and hide her things at night, but it seems all in fun and harmless.
--Bastia wanted to throw the giant goat overboard as a sacrifice to Zeus and, though Roger got the goat back, Bastia successfully frightened Roger with the threat of Zeus.
--There were crab cakes for breakfast.
--Bastia prowled around the ship and noticed the Captain receiving a package from a seagull. The package was cigar shaped and the Captain immediately took it to his room.

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