Travel Log 2/4/21

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Travel Log 2/4/21

Postby MercyDrake » Sat Feb 06, 2021 9:45 pm

(Bastia checked into the Dockside Inn.)
(Morena efforts off camera)

Ursa and Atmohs went to the sewer entry point to work on the cleanout of whatever sewer problem existed. With a ‘Oh, c’mon, it’s water,’ Bastia decided to go along, and dragged a semi-willing Wutryn with her.
The party was told that there was some kind of blockage in the sewer. Workers had come out screaming and running because a creepy crawly thing had tried to eat them. A foray to explore the problem had already lost one person. When the party didn’t back down, the sewer workers provided protective gear, and the party, trailed by Wutryn entered the sewers.
Ursa led the way and quickly found a sewage lagoon to check out. She, Atmohs and Bastia quickly ran to the far side of the lagoon which looked to have the easiest access. Their arrival woke up three creatures – two carrion crawlers and a carrion ogre replete with tentacles. One of the carrion crawlers quickly engaged them.
On the other side of the lagoon, Wutryn saw the three creatures rise and cast a lightning bolt through a crawler and the ogre. The crawler came after her.
Ursa made quick work of the other crawler, first with a javelin, later in melee. Bastia and Atmohs fought the ogre, finally taking it out with an Atmohs guiding bolt. Meanwhile, a fireball from Wutryn finished the last crawler.
Bastia went into the muck to look at a fully stripped skeleton. Ursa and Atmohs went to the far shore and came up with a ship in a bottle, a barrel of moldy pickles, and a fistful of marbles.
Wutryn followe their (Dry) path to the other end of the sewer but did not arrive there. A werewolf form accosted her. She talked herself out of trouble long enough for Bastia to gret the creature and suggest the ogre would make a tasty meal. Bastia stated ‘the mortals are with me.’ Bu t the werewolf, “Buff”, was not interested in Wutryn or Bastia, focusing on Ursa instead, and asking for Ursa to meet it at the Liar’s Lair, where the werewolf would buy her a drink.
The party picked up what treasure they could find, mostly in Carrion stomachs (3.49 gp) and then returned to the surface where a (25 gp each) reward was provided. Thereafter the party went to the bathhouse to clean off, while Wutryn went for a swim in the harbor. Bastia tosses two marbles into the harbor as Poseidon’s share.
The party then went to the market, bought some maps of Terra Firma and the local world. Bastia and Wutryn went to Trinkets and Baubles to appraise the marbles and paid for the appraisal (98 gp) but the proprietor had no interest in purchasing the items. Atmohs and Ursa went to the playhouse.
Then it was time for dinner and a concert in the Superior Inn. Morena was in her room with a female, Jyneellee, and both came out to join the party. Two Melodies played a concert, then Jyneellee and Morena played a concert (with Wutryn joining in later).
The Seabird’s Melody’s cat was walking around, now attached to another Melody. Four additional women talking about the Grrl Power Club were also in the Inn.
The night ended with Ursa scaring Atmohs by thrashing in her sleep, and throwing daggers around their room. Apparently, now attuned to the bracers, every movement of the hand generated a dagger that further hand movement then flung outward to Atmohs’ dismay.
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