Forgotten Realms Basics

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Forgotten Realms Basics

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The Weave: The mystical energy that permeates the world and generates magic. It is widely believed that The Weave and the Goddess Mystra are one. Mystra has died a few times resulting in massive disruptions to spellcasting during those periods. She has always returned in some form, however. Currently, she's fine, yet the remnants of previous breakdowns remain with null magic, wild magic, and other magic zones scattered throughout the Realms.

Mythals: Mythals are overlapping elements of magic that create effects beyond typical spells or magical items. These are legendary areas of magical construction mostly tied to ancient cities and masterworks, such the airships of the Halruaa.

The gods of the Forgotten Realms have a bit of the ancient Greek in them. They tend to manifest semi-frequently on the material plane as avatars or through Chosen vessels. They also actively conspire against one another resulting in numerous deaths and resurrections over the past 200 years.

The Sword Coast The Sword Coast is a temperate stretch of land that constitutes numerous city-states. These city-states work together to some degree for mutual defense against larger nations, like Amn and Cormyr, as well as the regular catastrophe of being a fantasy setting of city-states (dragons, goblins, warring gods, and on and on. Baldur's Gate and Waterdeep are the largest of the cities with Neverwinter and Candlekeep constituting key cities on the rise or recovery. Demihuman cities of Silvermoon (elves) and The Mithril Hall (dwarves) also reside in the Sword the Coast.

The larger continent that contains the Sword Coast, Amn, Cormyr, the Dale Lands, Thay, and the many wilds between them.

Lords' Alliance A collection of Lord's from the Sword Coast's larger cities and holds that loosely govern the area.

Lords of Waterdeep A collection of eight secret lords and one open lord (Lady Laeral Silverhand) rule the city with the assistance of a large general assembly of nobles, merchants, guild masters, and other key figures.

Harpers: Collection of good-aligned bards and rangers that largely operate in secret to oppose dark forces throughout The Realms.

Flaming Fists: Baldur's Gate militia that serves as the primary peacekeeping force in the Sword Coast and the closest group to a standing army in the region.

Zhentarim: Network of assassins, priests of Bane, and warriors based out of the Dales and looking to rebuild their dominance throughout Faerun.

Order of the Gauntlet: Paladins of Torm, Tyr, and Helm that have organized as a new military force to enact truth and justice by sheer force.

Emerald Enclave: Groups of elves, druids, select priests, and rangers
devoted to the protecting the natural world.

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