Notes from 5/2/19 - Looted

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Notes from 5/2/19 - Looted

Postby Caelesti » Thu May 02, 2019 8:43 pm

The party tried to recall the location where they had seen a dwarven trader before he disappeared into the mountain. Some thought it was back up the mountain some ways, so the party backtracked. Fuma noted that all the animal noises had stopped, and alerted the others. Mercy spotted a dragon up above the clouds. The party decided to hide until it went away, but it flew lower instead. The dragon appeared to be white.

As the dragon approached the party, Fuma summoned a sphere of Darkness.
Chip moved out into the open to attract the dragon.
Mercy called out to the dragon, saying "Don't do this" in draconic.
Eclipse summoned a flock of giant owls.
The dragon blasted the area with its frosty breath, killing most of the giant owls, and damaging most of the party. Sedon responded with a Hellish Rebuke.

Fuma shadow-stepped away from the others.
Chip moved up the mountain looking for an exit from the path.
Mercy turned into a dragon and breathed at the white dragon, damaging it.
Eclipse turned into a green garter snake.
Sedon hit the dragon with Eldritch Blasts.
The dragon turned and breathed again at Mercy and Sedon, dropping them.

Fuma returned to the party and bound Sedon's wounds.
Mercy taunted the dragon and flew away.

The dragon gave chase. Mercy landed and returned to her former form and went unconscious. The dragon robbed her.

Fuma shadow-stepped towards the dragon and watched the end of the looting. The dragon then marked Mercy with a scratch to the face and flew off with its new trinkets.

Eclipse cast Healing Spirit spells to cure people's wounds.

After half an hour, the concealed door into the mountain was found. Chip easily pushed it open. The passage headed out of sight.

Eclipse cast Darkvision on Chip. The party entered. Chip scouted ahead stealthfully.

The corridor led to a large cavern. Ledges headed off to either side, and a stone bridge crossed to the other side. There was a glint of light from the far side of the cavern. Mercy noted footprints on the paths crossing the bridge and to one side. The party headed along the other ledge.

The party came across a door with a statue by it. It seemed quiet beyond the door.

Chip's duergar ring glowed, and the door opened easily. The room had tables, chairs, and really old scrolls with dwarvish writing. Chip climbed up onto a table and went to sleep. After looking at scrolls for a little while, the others did the same.

When the party woke up, Mercy noted that one of her magical swords had returned to her.

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Re: Notes from 5/2/19 - Looted

Postby Veracity » Fri May 03, 2019 9:22 am

So, after resting, what is our plan? :D -Eclipse

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