Panning for Nuggets of Certainty

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Panning for Nuggets of Certainty

Postby MercyDrake » Wed May 08, 2019 4:34 pm

During the long rest, Mercy tosses out these thoughts:

“I was so happy to see an intelligent dragon, but…” (Mercy gives a small shrug.) “I’m confused. That may not have been a dragon.” (She looks around at the others.) “Shar, or someone, really should have been clearer on what we should expect.

1. We are supposed to stop Arabel killing Jubilex. Fine.
2. What do we really know about Arabel?
a. Do we know what form Arabel uses in this era?
b. Do we know what form she will take when she tries to kill Jubilex?
c. For instance, could Arabel use dragonform? After all she had that ability in the future. Could she already have that ability now?
d. Could the white dragon we just met be Arabel?
e. Sedon, do we bother your book with this nuance?
3. What do we know about the orcs?
a. Would Jubilex hang around an orc village or orc fortress? Why are we pointed here?
b. I thought orcs worship One-eye?
4. What do we know about Jubilex?
a. Would an orc cleric/shaman summon Jubilex for protection if the fortress
b. Could an attack on this fortress result in such a summoning?
5. The fortress and the white dragon lair are likely proximate to each other.
a. Does our arrival at the fortress, perhaps chased by the white dragon, result in the summoning of Jubilex and then lead to Jubilex’ death?
b. Can the pack prevent this scenario by simply going to Neverwinter instead?
6. What do we know about the time line?
a. Do we have any idea whether Jubilex’ death is expected to occur in the next day, the next fortnight, or… the next century?

And what is the pack’s plan?

1. Battle planning
a. Can the fight with Jubilex corrupt Arabel in some way, to lead her to the darkness?
2. We are to stop Jubilex’ death at Arabel’s hand.
a. Do we do this at all cost, including killing Arabel? If we just drive her away, will she not just come back and do the needful later?
b. Are we to strike her first, with deadly force, with no negotiation?
c. Do we offer our services in killing Arabel, to prevent Jubilex from being called if, in fact, any race worships him?
d. Would a worshiping race even believe that their god could be defeated?
3. What would happen if we killed Jubilex first?
4. Sedon – are you in fact an elf?
a. If I meditate and seek out elves within five miles will I find you?
b. Is there any chance I can also find Arabel this way? I’m thinking she is only half-elf, so this likely will not work.
5. What is our pack’s best path to inflict one round of maximal damage?"
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