Brief History of the Modern Age

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Brief History of the Modern Age

Postby Seston Tempiri » Wed Jan 04, 2017 10:46 pm

1358 DR -- Time of Troubles -- Gods banished to the Realms by the great god Ao due to their arrogance and decadence. Some gods die. Some mortals become gods. Chaos ensues. Surviving gods are eventually allowed to leave after their time out is up.

1374 DR -- Return of Netheril -- Floating City of Shade, the capital of the ancient, dark empire of Netheril returns. War erupts everywhere. Chaos ensues.

1385 DR -- Spellplague -- The gods Cyric and Shar murder the goddess Mystra. Magic goes haywire as the Weave unravels. Vast areas of Faerun are replaced or displace with a planar twin world. Chaos ensues.

1485 --The Sundering-- The god of murder, Bhaal, slain during the Time of Troubles arises anew in Baldur's Gate. Beings called the Chosen arise as new avatars of the gods. These supremely powerful being ignite wars, intrigue, and seeming cataclysmic events of earthquakes and volcanoes throughout the lands. Chaos ensues.

1489 --The Abating-- The Chosen retreat from the world. The wars calm. Shade has plunged into the ancient city of Myth Dranor after a massive battle. The planar overlap has ceased leaving the Realm's geography much as it was at the Time of Troubles. Mystra arises anew again. Cult of the Dragon attempts to release Tiamat from the Nine Hells and fails.

1492 --The Current Year-- TBD

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