Notes from 6/5/18 – Won't take 'no' for an answer

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Notes from 6/5/18 – Won't take 'no' for an answer

Postby Caelesti » Tue Jun 05, 2018 9:28 pm

Chip cast a cantrip to light his lantern, revealing nobody in front of him.
Merci advanced. She heard a voice in her head; it said to lay down her weapon and wanted to make a deal.
Eclipse advanced, noticing bugbears and other humanoids; she raged.
The voice said it wanted out and that it would give us anything. Eclipse yelled death to the bugbear. The bugbear clutched its throat and dropped.

Mercy advanced. Eclipse asked what she was doing, as the bugbear was dead.
The humanoid fell in behind Merci, but did not attack.
Fuma tried to hold Merci back.

Mercy claimed the figure killed her father. The figure asked about the race of the person who killed him. Merci said human. The figure pulled back its hood to reveal a tentacled face. Merci partially felt this wasn't the killer, but somehow was still angered as if something weren't right.

Fuma asked what the illithid meant by escape. It said that it was trapped and that the party was not. It wanted the party to take it 'out'.

The party moved off to discuss the issue. Fuma was nervous. There was doubt that the figure would help.

The groups moved back into discussion. The party said they didn't want to work with the figure, who kept saying he'd follow and help. Ultimately, when dismissed again, they followed but further back.

The party moved through the stalagmite forest until they heard marching footsteps. The sound stopped suddenly. The party retreated somewhat.

The party attempted to rest to recover from the strength drained by the shadows. During watches, some heard strange noises about, but they weren't disturbed. Merci relayed a strange dream about being whipped, maybe by tentacles.

The party moved on. Where they had heard footsteps before resting, they found a score of footsteps, presumably zombies, as rotted fleshed was found by and by. The party followed the zombie army to keep track of it, catching up after hours. Then they tried to skirt it.

As the party advanced, Fuma lagged behid to see what followed them .. just The One (illithid) and its entourage.

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