Notes from 7/3/18 - Up .. then down

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Notes from 7/3/18 - Up .. then down

Postby Caelesti » Tue Jul 03, 2018 9:52 pm

The group repaired Chol'k's flying ship down in the hole. Eclipse cast Darkvision on Chip, and he could finally see in the underdark; he was very excited and appreciative. When the ship was ready, all climbed aboard. Chol'k said he was happy to take the party wherever they wanted to go. They started off going up.

While the ship flew, most of the party rested. At some point during the flight, Fuma noticed that Mercy was not in her normal spot on the ship. Nobody could find her. Sedon asked his book where to find her, the response was "Forward or back", so Sedon suggested going forward. The ship continued forward, and eventually Mercy just reappeared.

Eclipse thought Mercy smelled funny, as did her pack. Mercy opened up her pack, and the severed head of the illithid that Mercy had confronted was inside. Mercy could not (or would not) explain how it got there. There was speculation that the new sword took control of her. Mercy dropped the illithid head off the ship.

Later, the ship came under attack from above, where the duergar resided, according to Chol'k. Arrows bounced off the air bladder. Chol'k started to fly the craft down and away. Mercy climbed up chains to the top of the bladder. Driders swung down on silk ropes and landed on top.

Sedon cast thaumaturgy to make it seem (to the driders) like someone was climbing up the chains.
Mercy slashed a drider.
Chip quickly climbed to the top, falling in behind Mercy.
Eclipse turned into a constrictor and climbed up to the top.
Another drider landed on the bladder and investigated the illusionary voice.
The first drider attacked Mercy with swords and tried to bite her.
Fuma climbed quickly to the top.

Mercy failed to hit the drider.
Sedon cast Fly on himself.
Chip tried to stab a drider and retreated back behind Mercy.
Eclipse-snake bit the drider.
The drider near the edge climbed over the bladder.
The other drider slashed Eclipse-snake and bit her.
Fuma speared the drider twice.
Mercy struck the drider.
Sedon cast Eldritch Blast at the drider that climbed down.
Chip failed to stab the drider.
Eclipse-snake failed to hit the drider and cast a cure on herself.
The drider bit Eclipse-snake again.
The drider below struck Sedon; Sedon reacted with a Hellish Rebuke.
Fuma stabbed the drider.

Mercy failed to hit the drider.
Sedon hit the drider with an Eldritch Blast, not moving out of the way to protect Chol'k.
Chip stabbed the drider in the gut.
Eclipse-snake dropped the drider with a bite.
The drider slashed Sedon twice. Sedon called out for help.
Fuma shadow-walked and quickly closed on the drider. He stabbed at it.

Mercy swung down onto the drider's back.
Sedon flew away from the drider, hovering off the edge of the skiff.
Chip climbed down.
Eclipse-snake slithered down.
The drider leapt off the edge of the skiff and started to float down using a silk parachute with Mercy still on its back.
Fuma pulled out his crossbow.

Mercy turned into a dragon and burnt the silk parachute with her breath weapon.
Sedon hit the drider with an Eldritch Blast.
Chip shot a Fire Bolt at the drider.
Fuma shadow-walked to the back of the drider.

Mercy landed a little hard on the ground.
Sedon hit the drider with another Eldritch Blast.
Chip shot a Fire Bolt at the drider.
The drider landed harder.
Fuma struck the drider.

Sedon hit the drider with both Eldritch Blasts.
Chip hit it with a Fire Bolt.
The drider attacked Fuma.
Fuma dropped it with a spear to the abdomen.

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